How “not” to be blue in Blue Ridge, Georgia

As part of the Garden of Giveaways hop, we wanted to take some time to spotlight a little place in our state called Blue Ridge.  Giveaway link is located near the end of the blog post.

Nestled about 90 miles North of Atlanta you will find the quaint little town of Blue Ridge, Georgia.  Blue Ridge, Georgia’s favorite mountain town, is located in the Chattahoochee National Forest, and you definitely won’t feel “blue” if you know what to do.

Begin your day stopping by the Welcome Center to grab a map detailing where all the local hikes and falls are.  One of our favorite places to visit here is the Toccoa Swinging Bridge.  Located in Morganton, a short drive on Highway 60, you will find  Forestry Service Road 816 .  Be prepared to travel this road though as it is roughly three miles long and can have a rough terrain at times.  However, don’t let that deter you.  Plenty of mini vans and regular sedans have traveled this road just fine!  Once you get to the end of the road, you will want to find a parking place.  That can be tough though as there are no designated places to park.  People just park along the road and in small wooded areas off the road side.  The trek down to the swinging bridge is not that far and not that bad of a walk either.  Be sure to wear some good tennis shoes or light boots to help you over the sometimes rocks and wooded path.


That is certainly not all there is in Blue Ridge.  Here is just a sampling of ideas for both families and couples!

Take an adventure and tube or whitewater raft down the Ocoee River.

Climb aboard the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway to McCaysville.  This is such a fun place to visit as you can stand in two states at once (Tennessee and Georgia).

Enjoy Lake Blue Ridge by renting a pontoon or jet skis.

Visit Mercier Orchards, a 65 year old family orchard, for some fresh fried pies and taste some of their wine.

  You can even play a round of golf at Old Toccoa Farm.

Blue Ridge is the perfect place to catch some trout.  After all it is known as the Trout Fishing Capital of Georgia.

Of course, this is just a small sampling of what you can do in and around Blue Ridge, Georgia.  Be sure to keep following us as I highlight our recent adventures on the Blue Ridge Mountain Food Tours.

In celebration of our recent trip there, we are participating in the Garden of Giveaways hop.  We want you to take some time to get away in your area to relax and create memories with those you love.  We want to help you by giving away $50 to Paypal for one of our lucky readers.    Giveaway runs from April 11 to April 25.  Keep reading below to  enter more giveaways!


Disclaimer:  This blog post is not sponsored by anyone other than me, owner of Living the Life as a Mom and Teacher.  

Garden of Giveaways Hop

Welcome to the Garden of Giveaways Hop!

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  1. Natalie says
    I have visited Gainesville Georgia but I have never been to Blueridge before. I will have to check it out!
  2. Pamela Gurganus says
    I have never visited Blue Ridge, Georgia. My favorite place to get away to is Savannah, Georgia.
  3. Janet W. says
    I'm from Georgia but never been to Blue Ridge before. Looks beautiful! One of our favorites to visit is Amicalola Falls.
  4. sheila ressel says
    We have been to Blue Ridge but it has been a long time ago. I remember it was very beautiful and peaceful. My favorite place to get away is the beach - any beach.
  5. Annamarie V says
    I have never been to Blue Ridge Georgia before I have only been to Savannah. One of our favorite places to go is the Washington coast.
  6. Steve Weber says
    I've never been to Blue Ridge, GA -- My favorite place to get away is Las Vegas.
  7. Ann Fantom says
    No, I have never visited Blue Ridge, Georgia before, but it looks like a very pretty area
  8. Ann Fantom says
    No, I have never used Groupon before, but I just created an account last week
  9. Ann Fantom says
    I would consider buying a 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander if I was in the market for a SUV
  10. tisonlyme143 says
    wish this was for amazon,, oh well next time,, Good luck everyone
  11. Cathy French says
    No, I have not yet visited Blue Ridge, Georgia
  12. jenny stratton says
    I have never been to Blue Ridge Georgia. W like going to Branson or Shelbyville IL.
  13. jenny stratton says
    I'm not much into cars that's my husbands department as long as it has a radio I'm happy.
  14. rusthawk says
    I love your area of the country but have never been to Blur Ridge itself.
  15. shelly peterson says
    I have never used Groupon or Groupon Coupons before.
  16. Angelica Dimeo says
    No I have not visited I like Southern California
  17. Heather E says
    I've never visited Blue Ridge. My favorite place to go is probably the beach!
  18. Heather E says
    The Outlander looks like it would be a great choice for a trip to the mountains!
  19. Heather E says
    I used Groupon once a long time ago when they were having a deal on Redbox rentals.
  20. rsbrandt44 says
    I haven't visited Blue Ridge, Georgia yet. One of my favorite places is the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, where my dad's from, so I should check it out.
  21. Kimberly R. says
    I have never been there actually but i do like hiking different places.
  22. Shannon says
    I have never visited Blue Ridge, Georgia. I love to go to Myrtle Beach.
  23. Amy Orvin says
    No, I have never visited Blue Ridge, Georgia. My favorite place to get away to is Folly Beach.
  24. Erin Will says
    No, I have never visited Blue Ridge, Georgia but now I want to look into it! :) When we get away we usually head to Destin, Florida!
  25. erinwill277 says
    No, I have never visited Blue Ridge, Georgia but I am going to look into it now. When we get away we usually head over to Gulf Shores, AL.
  26. Laura says
    I haven't had the chance to visit Blue Ridge, Georgia before. It looks fun though! We like to go on vacation anywhere with a beach. :)
  27. cgmjemus says
    Reblogged this on cgmjemus's Blog and commented: This is where We want to and pray to live. Like heaven on Earth
  28. cgmjemus says
    This is a great Place to live and visit. I pray that one day we will live here.
  29. Dominique MamaLife Cloutier says
    I've never visited anywhere in Georgia, I'd love to though! My favorite place to visit is Lake Tahoe though!
  30. nikolina84 says
    No, I've never visited Blue Ridge, Georgia, but would love to!
  31. Bobbi broyles says
    Never been to blue but love love love savanna
  32. Karen Beck says
    I've never been to Blue Ridge, Ga but may have been near there. Last year we were just in North Carolina right near the Georgia border and spent some time in Helen, Ga and the Great Smoky mtn national park. Love it there!
  33. Becky F says
    I have never been, but I would love to. My goal is to visit each the sates
  34. Elisabeth says
    I have not been to Blue Ridge yet even though I'm from Georgia! I love to get away to Savannah, GA.
  35. Christy Maurer says
    No, I've never visited! I like to go to any beach to relax.
  36. Kristen says
    No, I've never been to Georgia, but I'd love to!
  37. Kristen says
    I have never used Groupon.
  38. Susan Smith says
    I’ve never visited Blue Ridge. My favorite place to go is the beach!
  39. Sarh S says
    I have not! I would love to visit Arizona again, it's so beautiful !
  40. Alona Y says
    I haven't been to Georgia, only been to 4 states in the US! I would love to take trips all over the country.
  41. Daniel M says
    nope never been, and haven't gone on vacation in over a decade so no fav anymore
  42. Hannah C says
    I've never visited Ridge, Georgia. I love visiting waterfalls whenever I need peace, there are plenty of waterfalls here to visit in Washington.
  43. bbybrwneyez34 says
    I haven't been to Georgia. My favorite place is Las Vegas
  44. Cheryl says
    I haven't visited Blue Ridge, Georgia. I don't have a favorite place to get away to.
  45. Cheryl says
    The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander is a nice car with a lot of features.
  46. Cheryl says
    I've used Groupon in the past.
  47. elizabeth miller says
    I went there when I was a little girl many years ago. Very pretty, peaceful place.
  48. elizabeth miller says
    We love groupon for local activities.
  49. Jerry Marquardt says
    I have never visited Blue Ridge, Georgia. I love to vacation and visit Dowagiac, Mi.
  50. Michelle Richardson says
    I have never visited Blue Ridge, Georgia! We love to get away to the Oregon Coast a few times a year!
  51. marnie470 says
    I have never viited Blue Ridge, Georgia --- at least not yet. This looks like a fun place for a weekend getaway.
  52. Carolyn D says
    I have never been to Blue Ridge, but it would be fun to go on a hike and see the falls there.

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