HOOT for Kids- A Fun Subscription Box for Kids

7f781be05b4d440982c5a14d297e3e45_600Subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular these days, and you can find nearly any kind of subscription box you can think of.  From children themed boxes to adult themed, subscription boxes provide consumers with a fun filled experience.

You might be asking yourself…What is a subscription box?  Subscription Boxes are boxes that contain a variety of products all centered around a certain theme like beauty, pets, food, science, etc…  The cool thing about subscription boxes is that they allow you to try out different products that you may not have even heard of before or sample ones that you love.  Imagine having the freedom to customize a box just for your child.

Do you recall what it was like when you were younger and playing with toys?  I have fond memories of hours and hours of creative and imaginative play with my toys.   Now that we are the proud parents of several children, we want to provide our children with the best tools available for getting ready for school and today’s world.   Thankfully there are plenty of options out there to assist us, but what about toys that just let them be kids.  I want them to find the joy that comes with being imaginative with toys that foster that rather than being sucked into technology and flashing lights.

Hoot for kids

Born out of the belief that toys foster growth and developed by a team of pediatric occupational therapists, HOOT for Kids (which stands for Hands on Occupational Therapy) curates a customized Treasure Box filled with toys hand-picked based on your child’s age and developmental learning needs.  So we decided to check them out for ourselves, and we ordered a box for our 18-month-old.

Hoot for kids

As you can see we were provided with three items in our HOOT box.

Choo Choo Colors Lift-A-Flap hard back book

Brio Push Along Race Car 

Hape First Pounder (Hammer & Peg set)

Hoot for kids

Every one of the items in our box was specifically chosen for our 18-month-old, and each item was developmentally appropriate.  The book was perfect for his little hands to lift up the flaps and begin to learn his colors.  The race car provided hours of entertainment as he pushed it through the entire house.  His favorite toy was the Hape First Pounder.  Trying to be like his father and fix things, this provided hours of engagement.  Overall, we were extremely pleased with the contents of our box.  It was easy to see the attention that was given to our child with the toys selected.

If you are looking for ways to engage your child at home with toys that are truly developmentally appropriate and will allow for that imaginative and creative play, we strongly suggest that you check what  HOOT for Kids has to offer.  This subscription box service promotes purpose driven play with toys and activities that will strengthen developmental skills and help your child reach milestones. Pick the plan that best suits you, and leave the rest to them.  They will select quality toys that challenge and engage your child.  They will even suggest activities and tips to help your child maximize their potential by targeting areas such as fine motor, gross motor, sensory, strength, oral motor, and visual perceptual.

Disclaimer:  We were provided a box to facilitate a review.  All opinions presented are 100% mine.



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  1. cgmjemus says
    What a cute one playing. It is nice as a mother and and a grandma, and now a great grandma that when I can not be there all the time, I can still contribute. Thanks for showing us this.

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