Helpsters Help Out

Our little ones LOVE to help out! Whether it’s in the kitchen or in the yard, they’re willing to help us with tasks!
BUT it hasn’t always been this way! Now that we find ourselves at home, we’ve had lots of opportunities to teach the children how to help out more. From helping to roll ice cream sandwiches in sprinkles to putting away their toys, our children are learning what helping out looks like.


Just as the kids are learning to help out, it’s our job to help them make sense of what’s going on around them. The world is a little complicated right now. We haven’t been able to visit with Grandma and Papa in weeks. We’ve had to celebrate birthdays without our extended family. We can’t visit their favorite parks to play in. For the little ones, this can be difficult to understand. That’s why I am so thankful for a new series from the makers of Sesame Street.

Helpsters Help You

“Helpsters Help You” features Cody and a team of vibrant monsters who love to solve problems! The mini-episodes help teach children how to solve some of today’s problems like what can you do when you can’t visit your favorite park because it’s closed.

Now available to stream for free on Apple TV+, each “Helpsters Help You” mini-episode has been created to provide emotional support for preschoolers and parents living in the time of COVID-19.  Each week, the Helpsters leader Cody brings positivity, ingenuity and creativity to all her friends who are at home.

Helpsters Help You Activity Book

They even created a fun and engaging “Helpsters Help You” activity book to give your young ones additional ways they can help at home.  Download the free activity book here:

Here are a few of our favorite activities.


Teaching Games

Ready to learn some new moves?  Print out these symbols for your child to color.  Then play a fun directional game with them by calling out the different shapes.  This is a great way to teach your child to follow directional language by jumping on these symbols.


Help Scatter, the youngest monster, learn how to make his own snacks by following directions.  From monster sandwiches and pizzas to fruit kabobs and ice cream sandwiches, kids can help out in preparing snacks.

Making Plans

Help children understand the importance of plans with this printable activity.  After deciding on the job or task they want or need to complete, children learn how to break it down into smaller, more manageable steps.

“Helpsters Help You” Mini Episodes

Get In On All the “Helpsters” Fun Today

“Helpsters”, the Apple TV+ series that inspired “Helpsters Help You”, was nominated for 5 Daytime Emmy Awards – including Outstanding Preschool Children’s Series!

  • Check out Helpsters Help You short episodes FREE on the Apple TV App:
  • Download the FREE educational and fun Helpsters Help You activity book:
  • Watch the all-new Helpsters series available now with a subscription for Apple TV+:
  • Listen to the Helpsters soundtracks available on Apple Music:


For problems big and small, Helpsters are here to help you solve them all!


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