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Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by EatSmart and the Hopping Bloggers.  We were provided with an EatSmart Precision Digital Scale for review purposes.  All opinions presented are 100% our own and were not influenced.

We love our fur babies, and I am sure we are not alone in that thought.  There is just something about having a furry friend that just completes a family or person.  They love you unconditionally.  You can generally count on them to brighten your day.  If you are anything like we are with our dogs, you may even spoil them.

Our two dogs, Zoey and Gucci, certainly live a full life.  They have an abundance of toys and get plenty of walks.  When it comes to food and treats, we really go all out.  Our dogs get both wet and dry food.  It is funny to watch what happens when it is feeding time.  The dogs can be relaxing in one of the bedrooms, but as soon as they hear the clink of the ceramic dog bowl on the counter, they coming running.  They know what is in store for them, and they immediately go to licking their chops as they wait in anticipation for the yumminess that is about to be served!

One reason we started serving them both wet and dry food was due to our Chihuahua (Gucci) getting older and losing some of his teeth.  He has a difficult time eating the hard morsels found in dry food.  In an effort to make sure he was getting the nutrition his body needs, we had to start serving wet food.  Unfortunately, our Yorkie Schnauzer (Zoey) really wanted in on the action. There was no way that she was going to stand by and watch Gucci enjoy the delectable chunks of meat. So hence our pattern began.  Each morning the dogs enjoy wet food, and in the evening, they feast on dry tidbits.  Over the years we began to notice that Zoey was putting on the pounds.

After consulting our veterinarian recently, she recommended that we cut down on the amount of wet and dry food portions and replace it with some healthier treats and more exercise.  A combination of diet and exercise has proven to be effective.  We have happier and healthier dogs.  Although Zoey has a way to go, we can tell a difference.  She is more energetic and an overall happier dog.

One of the treats that we whip up weekly for the pups is a combination of sweet potatoes, green beans, and broth.  It is easy to prepare and the furbabies devour them.

Healthy Sweet Potato & Green Bean Frozen Dog Treats

Cook 2 large sweet potatoes

Remove peel from sweet potatoes

Two cups of frozen green beans

2 tablespoons of beef or chicken broth

Place in a food processor or blender

Puree until smooth

Spoon into a mold of choice

Freeze then serve or individually wrap them for future use

Serving Size 20 (depending on mold used)

To monitor how Zoey is doing on her new diet, we have been using the EatSmart Precision Baby Check Scale.  This sleek and stylish, easy to read scale, is a great way for us to check in frequently on her weight.  It even has a memory feature so we can instantly compare.  Weights can be measured in both customary and metric.  While it runs on AAA batteries, one unique feature is that it shuts off automatically.  And we all know how expensive batteries can get!

Not only is this scale good to use with pets, but also it can be used with babies.  Imagine being able to track your little one’s growth between doctor visits as they grow from newborn infants to babies and toddlers. The digital baby scale provides reliable weight readings up to 44 lbs (20 kg).


Want to help your pet?  Here are some research-based ideas to give your pet the best life you can give him.

  1. Portion control feeding
  2. No table scraps
  3. Limit the treats
  4. Regular exercise
  5. Regular checkups

We all know that pets are like family.  They deserve for us to treat them as we would ourselves.  Give them the best life they can live!

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  1. Marcie says
    What an interesting recipe. My friend has 2 dogs that she dotes on and I bet she'd love to make this for them!
  2. Terri Beavers says
    Peanut loves cold things so I bet he'd love these. He likes a variety of things, including stuff that's healthy for him so I've been pretty lucky.
  3. Tara Pittman says
    It is so easy for pets to eat too much. These are great tips that I should share with my friend.
  4. What Corinne Did says
    I had never thought of making dog treats at home but that's quite interesting and probably cheaper than buying at the shop! These are all great tips! I'll make sure my cat does not eat too much!
  5. Elizabeth L says
    I love the idea of making dog treats at home! That way you know exactly what is going into them. What a great way to have healthy doggies.
  6. TColeman says
    These look like they would be amazing treats. Our pets love home made stuff better than store bought brand made.
  7. Fatima Torres says
    I love that you keep track of your pets' size. I think as your pet ages, it's important to understand how their eating habits are impacting their everyday life
  8. Natalie says
    Aww your dogs are so cute! They are spoiled with those healthy dog treats - sweet potatoes are so yummy!
  9. LavandaMichelle says
    I should start making my dog treats at home as well! Seems like a cheaper/safer way to give a dog a treat. Thanks for sharing, pet health is just as important.
  10. Athena says
    I am going to have to try this with sweet potatoes. Our dog is so picky!
  11. EscapeWriters says
    You are such a kind you taking care of your pets' health is just commendable. Yes, making pet treats at home is safer and cheap.
  12. Aduke Schulist says
    I bet my dogs woud love something like this as a treat. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Carissa says
    My pup would love these treats! It’s important to keep her healthy.
  14. Ada says
    It sure is important to keep our furry friends healthy. I need to get my dog on a better food - he's having issues with his current one.
  15. Ruthie Ridley says
    Finding the best treats and food for your pet is so important!! This sounds great!!
  16. Kahlan Lee says
    Which one is Zoey and which one is Gucci? I love the light-haired one. So cute. It looks like it is just relaxing on top of the scale. I used to have a dog before getting married but he passed away. We did not get a chance to get a new one here and it is getting difficult with strict pet laws here in South Korea.

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