Have a Holly Jolly Christmas at Holiday in the Park


Georgia is home to so many wonderful places to visit and experience Christmas this holiday season!  We have got thrill seekers covered to those that want an old-fashioned Christmas.  Georgia can treat you to a Peachy Christmas!


One of Atlanta’s favorite places to have fun, Six Flags,  is now letting people enjoy the park even longer as a family this holiday season.  The park has been transformed into a winter wonderland with millions of twinkling lights.  If you are seeking a fun-filled holiday themed attraction, you gotta visit Six Flags over Georgia’s Holiday in the Park!  As a parent of children from ages 1 to 18,  this is a place where everyone can be entertained.  From the children’s rides to the thrill enthusiast rides, this place has got something for everyone.

We recently experienced Six Flags Holiday in the Park, and I can honestly tell you it put us right into the spirit of Christmas! Sometimes you just need a little something to set the tone for the season, and this place did it for us.  As we walked through admiring all the twinkling lights, delicious smells, and sounds of the season, we couldn’t help but get our hearts right for Christmas.  The holiday season just seems to fill the atmosphere here.

Six Flags has thought of everything to keep your family happy from the Peeps Snowman Hot Chocolate to the fires nestled throughout the park to keep your bodies warm and toasty, you will have a great time!

Check out some of our favorites below!


SMORES Fire Pits

Worried about the temperatures this holiday season?  Don’t be!  You have got plenty of stations to warm up.  Plus you can roast marshmallows.  They have got all you need to enjoy this fun-filled pastime with your family.


Holiday City 

One of our “must visit” every time we come to the park is GOTHAM City.  This holiday season you will not want to miss experiencing the spectacular green and purple lights on a 25 foot Christmas tree with 200 brightly lit Batman candles.  This tree is something you gotta see in person!  Plus, you can sit back and watch those daring enough to ride The Joker (like my older children are) or sit back on BATMAN: The Ride for an adventure.   This area is beautiful! 



A visit to Six Flags would not be complete without heading down to Holiday City to visit Batman and his friends.  We love walking through GloHill to experience the glowing light sticks.  These lights are spectacular! 


Candlelight Carousel

For many years my family has made a point of “giddying up” and riding the carousel at Six Flags.  The Riverview Carousel, originally built-in 1908,  becomes the Candlelight Carousel this holiday season.  This carousel features 60 hand-carved horses and several stunning chariots carved with cherubs.  All lit up with old fashioned carnival lights and music, you will be transported to another era.



Magic of the Season

Peppermint Plaza is host to an amazing state-of-the-art light show.  Stroll through a tunnel of holiday wonder as you listen to the sounds of Christmas.  



Mistletoe Mansion

One of our favorites areas is Mistletoe Mansion.  Many of you may recall Monster Mansion, one of our park’s beloved and enchanting attractions.  It has undergone a mistletoe rehab!  The picture above does not do it justice by any means!  It features dozens of mistletoe strung across the midway, more than 100,000 lights and chandeliers outside the famous Monster Mansion attraction for the most beautiful outdoor holiday ball of all in Georgia  It is truly a sight to be seen.  Do not forget to sneak your kiss under the mistletoe!


Crystal Palace Because It’s Christmas Holiday Show

One of the things I enjoy the most about Six Flags is that they offer guests shows.  It is not just about riding rides at this theme park.  They truly want to immerse you into the season by bringing you entertaining shows that are sure to delight audiences.  This holiday they have a special show called Because It’s Christmas. Now I do not want to give away the show because it is truly something you will want to see.  What I can tell you is that you will see Jack Frost, Rudolph, Santa and his elves, and one sweet family.



Six Flags Over Georgia is  home to the most wonderful wintertime festival of all through January 4.  Holiday in the Park features more than millions of twinkling LED lights, 29 world-class rides, spectacular Christmas trees, exclusive holiday shows, artificial snow and 15 dazzling holiday-themed sections of the park.  Daily tickets start at $45.99 when you purchase online for the Holiday Special. They also have some amazing deals season passes and memberships!  Get all the details here.


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  1. Ronnie says
    I went already this year. It was awesome. Can't wait to go back
  2. cgmjemus says
    There is something new around every corner here. And there is something for every member of your family. Can Not Wait To Go.
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  4. chei says
    Wow! What a fun holiday! Wish i could be there too!
  5. theforeverteacher says
    My kids would LOVE ME for taking them there! I have got to talk to my husband and see if we can take a road trip!
  6. Chloe says
    Those lights are stunning! Oh this post makes me so happy and excited for Christmas :D
  7. grantleishman says
    Reblogged this on Grant Leishman - Author.
  8. grantleishman says
    Lovely! Just the thing to get into the Christmas spirit. Living in Manila these days, we are blessed with amazing selections of Christmas lights. This country just adores Christmas and it makes it very special, even if you have little. Thanks for this post.
  9. Anne Yedlin says
    I have never taken the family to six flags but it looks like so much fun. Will have to plan a trip there soon!
  10. Cynthia Williamston says
    I would probably be parked by the smores pit...lol The kids love a good show too so I can see this being a great day had by all.
  11. Jennifer L Johnson says
    What a great place to spend the holidays!! I know my kids would love if we were able to take a trip there.
  12. Ana De-Jesus says
    What a Christmas tree and that mansion looks epic as well. That would be a great place to take kids to as a Christmas treat.
  13. Amber says
    This would be so much fun! I love all the lights.
  14. Elizabeth O. says
    That sure looks great! I think it's awesome that there are places like this to take the kids to. The holidays will never be complete without parks like this!
  15. Sheri says
    This looks like a fun place to visit and I can imagine at night it is gorgeous with all the lights!
  16. Candace says
    The decorations are so stunning. Really brings home how close Christmas is now
  17. katyashadeofteal says
    Wow! I had no idea Six Flags did all this for the holidays. I think I need to make a point to visit our Six Flags this holiday season!
  18. The Trophy WifeStyle says
    Oooo how fun!!! We went to Six Flag in San Antonio last year at Christmas time and it was so pretty!!!
  19. Sarah-Louise Bailey says
    It was one of the amazing theme park I have ever seen and heard and we will definitely visit it this holiday season.
  20. Sarah Bailey says
    It was one of the amazing theme park I have ever seen and heard and we will definitely visit it this holiday season.
  21. Wow! What a wonderful fun place for the family to have an adventure! I'd love to visit.
  22. Collectively Bee says
    I didn't know Six Flags decorated for the Holiday Season! It's gorgeous!! VA | Collectively Bee
  23. Misty Dawn Nelson says
    Omg! Looks like I want to go there, I really love that place and the lights was so amazing
  24. Alfonzowords says
    Se manifique! this post has me in such the festive mood now haha I want a christmas tree up with sparkling lights. I love all the lights and the christmas show looks so cute!
  25. TColeman says
    Six Flags is always so fun! I have never been around the holidays before but it looks like such a great time.
  26. Dana Vento says
    This place looks so good and you looks you enjoying your holiday. That's right everybody loves celebrating their holidays weekend.
  27. Amy Jones says
    I love it when they put up all of those little led lights on trees, they look super pretty!! This place looks fun

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