Hardee’s Brings Back Star Pals Meals & They’re Delicious!

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Parenting is hard. There is nothing in life that can truly prepare you for this beautiful tiny human you have been given to do life with.   You just learn as you go how to survive with little sleep and how to give it your best shot.

For all the things you have to figure out, one thing is for sure, eating out is something that is going to happen. Whether you’re on vacation or simply in a hurry, you are going to find yourself in a situation where you need a kid’s meal and fast.


Finding ways to get our little ones to really eat when we are out and about can be a challenge, but when you find that “thing” that makes it happen- it’s like a precious jewel! Not only do I get what I want out of the deal-a happy and full kid, but also, they get a little something that makes them smile! That’s what we found at our recent visit to Hardee’s and that’s where I know we’ll be returning.

Hardee’s , known for delicious breakfasts and thick juicy burgers, is bringing back their Star Pals meals after 8 years. Each meal offers one of three protein options including Kid’s Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders, a Kid’s Hamburger or a Kid’s Cheeseburger. All Star Pals meals have the option of a side of applesauce and a milk beverage.

Why choose a Hardee’s Star Pals meal?

Simple!  It’s the quality of the food that makes this an easy choice.


Hardee’s Star Pals Meals

As a mom, I want to feel good about the food I give my children and that’s why I love what Hardee’s has to offer in their Star Pals meals.  Their 2-piece chicken tender Star Pals meals made with 100% white-meat, hand-breaded chicken tenders is absolutely delicious.  Extra crispy, tender, and juicy, these tenders are far above anything offered at some other restaurants.  They are perfect to enjoy even without dipping sauce.  Add a side of milk and applesauce, I am one happy momma!


Ryan’s World Partnership

To celebrate the return of Star Pals meals, Hardee’s is partnering with kids’ entertainment studio pocket.watch and Ryan’s World® for a first-of-its-kind partnership. If you have young kids, chances are you probably have heard of Ryan. He’s a YouTube sensation who has toys in various stores and even a new show on television. He has created 4 exclusive toys available within the Star Pals meals. They include:

Mystery Egg Puzzles: An egg containing one of 3 mystery puzzles to enjoy.  What’s cool about these is that they are double sided.  Yep!  There is a picture on both sides!

Rockin’ Ryan Figures: Collect one of 3 figures featuring Ryan and watch him bounce up and down and raise his fist into the air.

Gil Squirter: What’s summer without some kind of water toy?  The Gil Squirter is fun to fill up and squirt.

Combo Panda Roller: This fun toy gently rolls and rocks back and forth with a gentle push and doesn’t fall down!


So what are you waiting for?  If you are looking for a delicious and filling menu option for kids, a Hardee’s Star Pals meals is it!

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