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As an avid reader who loves to get lost in a good book AND as an educator that strives to excite children’s imaginations with reading, I can’t stress just how important it is to read to and with your child.  Developing life-long reading habits starts at an early age, and it is critical that parents take the initiative to promote that love of reading at home.  Our home is full of books.  From nonfiction to fiction, we have got quite a spread in our library. We have books for adults and we have books for kids.

  One of my favorite gifts to give a child is the gift of books.  I am always looking for children;s books that they can experience.  Sometimes that means that I will purchase items to go along with the book.  Take The Polar Express for example.  When I gift that book (which I do a lot), I always include some extras to go along with it so that the child gets the entire experience such as a jingle bell, packet of hot cocoa, child friendly mug, and even a robe.  I want them to experience the book at a new level.  It is so much more meaningful when a child can connect to a book.

That is where i See Me books comes in.  Oh what a treasure this is!  As a teacher and momma, I just love the idea behind this company.

i See Me Mission

“To make children feel special with personalized books and gifts that celebrate the uniqueness of each child. The goal of our books is to show each child how absolutely unique and special he or she is. We believe that children develop self-esteem at a very young age, and our books can influence a child’s sense of self-worth at the critical time of day when parents and children read together. We want our customers to experience the joy of giving our personalized books and gifts that delight the child by making the child feel so special.”


Bringing the love of reading to kids where they truly feel connected to the book.  i See Me books are honestly the perfect way to allow a child to experience books at a new level.  I often tell my students when solving word problems, “If you will put yourself in the word problem, it will become more clear.”  When a child is connected and can relate, the experience whether it is math or reading, they make more meaning out of it.

The i See Me books are a great gift for anyone.  What a blessing it would be to give a child a book that features him or her.  The hard back Christmas Sing-Along book features nine classic holiday songs:

Jingle Bells

Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Here We Come A-Caroling

Deck The Halls

12 Days Of Christmas

Up On The Housetop

Over The River And Through The Woods


We Wish You A Merry Christmas

You’ll also receive an MP3 digital download of the personalized music. Imagine riding down the road and listening to these tunes.  All of the sudden your child’s name is sung!  The cute looks on their face will be well worth the price, not to mention the rich experience this will bring your child.


Right now you can get the Christmas Sing-Along book and/or the My Night Before Christmas book for your little ones just in time for the holidays!  What a treasure this book will be.  It is a gift that will definitely be used year after year.  They are even offering a 12 Days of Christmas sale.

i seem Me books offer a variety of books and gift giving ideas.  Check out their website for more information.




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  1. andrea says
    What a super cute idea. We have two NEW Christmas babies in our family this year what a wonderful way to celebrate
  2. cgmjemus says
    This is just the thing to really pique the interest of children in books and reading. Thanks for blogging about this. Looks like a great gift idea.
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