Girl Scout QuestFest

Girl Scouts QuestFest

July 12 is fast approaching, and that means hundreds of girls will gather in the birthplace of Girl Scouts, Savannah, for Girl Scout QuestFest!

Girl Scouts from around the country will embark on an adventure unlike any other.  It will be a weekend of fun adventure, challenges, and entertainment from July 12-15, in the historic home of Girl Scouting. Last year, there was over 1,000 Girl Scouts in attendance.

The “Quest” in QuestFest stands for the main event – a scavenger hunt of epic proportion through the Historic District of Savannah. Teams of 10-15 will set out once again in search of an experience, rather than an item. Using a smartphone app, teams will choose from a list of challenges, and submit a photo or video via the QuestFest app as evidence of their accomplishment. Whether they’re competing for fun or aiming to earn a cash prize, all teams will participate in a massive “Quest” to find items, do good deeds and give back to the community. Our rousing weekend of fun and friends will also include additional events like a movie night, a dinner cruise down the Savannah River, an unforgettable Bridging Ceremony, a ghost tour (on Friday the 13th!), a Girl Scout expo and a live concert at the Savannah Civic Center.

Living One Full Life loves that girls are empowered through the Girl Scouts, and we hope that you will follow along with the girls as they head out on their quests and celebrate being a girl!  Just check out the social media pages below to see what great things are happening at QuestFest July 12th through the 15th!

Girl Scout QuestFest

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