Getting 8 Hours of Sleep with the Help of Empyrean Sheets


8 hours of sleep

Sleep!  What is that?  With a 20-month-old and a 4-month-old, that word is something I long for.  Trying to get in 8 hours a night is tough with feeding schedules and regular life commitments.  After doing some research, I concluded that there are a few ways that I can indeed get in those 8 hours of sleep; however, I have to make a conscientious effort to do the things that will allow me that much-needed rest my body is craving.

  1.  Schedule It – Plan for a bedtime and stick with it.  If this means you have to put the kids down earlier, then that is what you need to do.  Your body is not going to get the rest it needs until you are willing to schedule it in.  Think about when you need to get up each day and plan accordingly.  It may take some time to get your kids on a schedule, but if you work at it, it will happen.
  2. Cut out caffeine after 5 pm or earlier, depending on how your body responds to it.  Think about it!  Caffeine is a stimulant that stays in your system for up to 8 hours.  If you are drinking soda, tea, or coffee, you are fueling your body with energy.  It will be hard for you to rest and fall asleep if you have just finished off your 4th cup of caffeine for the night.
  3. Review medications to make sure that is not a factor.  Check the labels of the items you are taking.  You may be surprised to learn that some of them are contributing to your inability to fall asleep.
  4. Limit use of technology when going to bed or stop it altogether.  Technology can suck us in and keep our brains engaged when we are trying to settle down for the night.  Consider placing the technology AWAY from the bed so that you are not tempted to pick it up.
  5. Use lavender or chamomile scented items to help set the mood.

I realize that those tips or suggestions are a lot easier said than done.  Even with our best attempts, life happens and that bedtime we plan for sometimes gets pushed off to the side. Whether you plan for it or not, there are ways to get a good night’s rest.  Consider the sheets you have on your bed.  Believe it or not, the sheets you choose to use can impact your ability to get a good night’s sleep.  Using sheets that are breathable and ultra-soft provide the comfort you need.   Empyrean Sheets pride themselves on being a trusted company with a quality product and going the extra mile for their customers.

Empyrean Sheets

Recently we were sent the Empyrean Premium Queen Sheet set in charcoal gray.  This four piece luxury bedding set included a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillow cases.  Along with our set, we were sent specially designed corner elastic straps that help to prevent the sheets from getting out-of-place.

Empyrean Sheets

When I finally stopped “oohing and aahing” over the fact that I had something that was going to ensure my sheets stayed in place, I took out the sheets to put on our bed.  From the moment I placed my fingers on this microfiber fabric, I knew these were going to feel fabulous against our skin.  Empyrean uses a  microfiber that many health care facilities use because it’s hypoallergenic and has antibacterial properties.  This is comforting especially with a new baby in our home.  This added protection of comfort helps ease this momma’s mind.

Even after just one night’s sleep on these sheets, we could feel the difference.  The fabric is extremely comfortable and rather than hold one leg out each night to make sure my body stays somewhat cool,  this girl’s legs stayed in the sheets all night long!   Now that says something!

Empyrean Sheets
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Empyrean Sheets
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  1. Ben Butler says
    Nothing is as nice as sleeping on super nice sheets. Nights are better when you have something nice and cozy. Scratchy sheets are the worst.
  2. All of your tips are great! I'm guilty of getting on my phone when I get into bed. I have to wean myself off gradually :)
  3. Cherri Megasko says
    I absolutely love that they have the corner strap to keep it in place. I'm one of those lazy people who doesn't make their bed every day and it's so frustrating to go to bed and then have to get back up to fight with the sheets.
  4. fashionbeyondforty says
    Nice looking sheets! Love the color you selected too! I need some new sheets for my bed so I will check them out. Your tips are spot on too! I also use essential oils to help me relax!
  5. Jeni Hawkins says
    Sounds like my kind of sheets! I need something that can help me sleep through the night, and these tips are awesome!
  6. Carol Cassara says
    I make sure that I get enough sleep in the evening, it really affects my productivity and energy for the following day! These are great tips. I usually drink tea to help me relax and sleep better at night. A good mattress is also important.
  7. Chubskulit Rose says
    I seldom get 8 hours of sleep but when I do, it feels so great! Those sheets looks beautiful and so is your baby!
  8. sara says
    8 hours of uninterrupted sleep? WHo does that? Not me for the past 21 years. Maybe I need these sheets and then I will magically start to sleep better.
  9. Liz Cochico says
    The bedding looks really nice. A comfortable sheet would surely make you sleep soundly. These are excellent tips.
  10. That looks like a great sheet! I will surely have an amazing sleep with this!!
  11. Tatanisha Worthey says
    I needed to read this. My biggest issue is picking a bedtime and sticking with it.
  12. Angela Ricardo Bethea says
    A good fluffy sheet and a well supported mattress does it for me. I can always use an upgrade though and those Empyrean sheet looks fab!
  13. cgmjemus says
    One can never have too many sheets, unless they are not well made sheets. Great sheets are a MUST. These look great and I want some. The baby is darling too.
  14. […] Source: Getting 8 Hours of Sleep with the Help of Empyrean Sheets […]
  15. Kim Lee (@KimsCravings) says
    These tips are so great!! I usually don't have any sleep problems, but I can see these sheets are so cozy, I DEFINITELY would want to stay in bed all day. :)
  16. shadylane85 says
    Woah - love the idea of a strap keeping my sheets on. My bed is at full capacity between my husband, myself and the two or three kids that try to cram in here each night, and somehow they always pull the sheets up at the corners! Love your sleep tips, it's definitely something I'm working on (boy very well though, since I'm sitting in bed on my laptop at almost 11pm!).
  17. Kiwi says
    Essential oils is a great way to get some good rest! I also realized some great sheets can also help enhance sleep too!
  18. Sounds like perfect sheets for me I always want to have a good sleep but these past few days I sleep for only 3-4 hours.

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