Georgia’s Top 7 Instagrammable Locations

Wormsloe Historic Site
Photo Credit: Michael Scott – @mscott8

Lush greenery, mountainous landscapes, and natural beauty beckon guests to Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites year-round. When paired with a camera lens, photos taken in Georgia’s great outdoors spruce up any social media feed and will send friends, family, and followers into a frenzy over the jaw-dropping sites. No matter the season or reason, when venturing to any state park, snap a photo and watch as likes and comments soar. In no particular order, guests can take the perfect photo at these top seven Instagrammable Georgia State Parks & Historic Site locations.

Magnolia State Park
Photo Credit: Tad Jones – @atadcreativenature
Magnolia State Park
Photo Credit: Tad Jones – @atadcreativenature
Magnolia State Park
Photo Credit: @octoberjulie
  1. Magnolia Springs State Park

Popular for many state park-goers and frequented for the vast wildlife and gorgeous waters, Magnolia Springs State Park’s landscape pops with greenery and crystal flowing waters. A multitude of animals from turtles, birds, and alligators can be spotted by the naked eye throughout the park. Backdrops of the rustic bridge that stands over the spring and stream are some of the most popular photo ops.

Providence Canyon State Park
Photo Credit: Jason Bennett – @jbennett6969
Providence Canyon State Park
Photo Credit: @jonnaalexis
Providence Canyon State Park
Photo Credit: Dlb Photography – @dlbphotography
  1. Providence Canyon State Park

A wonderous Georgia gem, Providence Canyon State Park is a site that will truly leave viewers in awe. This man-made canyon—the result of poor farming practices— provides the perfect dramatic scene for any sort of photo and encompasses the true meaning of beauty. Here, guests enjoy taking photos of the magnificent golden hues and enormous earth formations to share with friends. Perfect for a selfie of epic proportions, no filter is necessary at Providence Canyon.

Cloudland Canyon State Park
Photo Credit: Connor Paton – @connorjpaton
Cloudland Canyon State Park
Photo Credit: Xanic – @atlwanderlust
Cloudland Canyon State Park
Photo Credit: Kyle – @atravelertravels
  1. Cloudland Canyon State Park

Head for the clouds and become enamored with the sounds and magic of nature that fill Cloudland Canyon State Park. The glorious views awarded to guests at the rim of the canyon are simply the bread and butter for a great photograph. Here, depending on the season, capture the canopies of colorful leaves, the flowing waterfalls, or the sweeping views below.

Victoria Bryant State Park
Photo Credit: Abby Campbell – @abbybrooksie


Victoria Bryant State Park
Photo Credit: Angel Lewis – @angelynlewis


Photo Credit: Jodi Swint – @centraliadaisy
Photo Credit: Jodi Swint – @centraliadaisy
  1. Victoria Bryant State Park

Victoria Bryant State Park has open landscapes and calming waters, making it the perfect playground for those who want to take a brisk walk in the woods. Here, guests enjoy taking and posting photos of family, friends and man’s best friend on trails that wind through hardwoods and across creeks. Wake up early to snap a shot as the fog is lifting off the ponds and be sure to keep eyes peeled for wildlife roaming the area.

Photo Credit: Ashlyn – @loveis_whatigot
Photo Credit: @octoberjulie
Photo Credit: Seth Lloyd – @seth_lloyd
  1. George L. Smith State Park

Resembling a destination out of a pre-historic movie, George L. Smith State Park provides countless eye-catching material at every turn. Be it the vibrant flowers, colossal cypress and tupelo trees draped in Spanish moss, or the fascinating bird population, this secluded park is the perfect setting for Insta-worthy shots. The most popular photos taken at this park are from a kayak, where lucky photographers might be photo-bombed by an alligator swimming nearby.

Skidaway Island State Park
Photo Credit: Curtis Helmer – @curtishelmer
Skidaway Island State Park
Photo Credit: Stevie Severson – @steviejean1212
Skidaway Island State Park
Photo Credit: Lauren – @laurenprettyman
Skidaway Island State Park
Photo Credit: @peacefulpetssavannah
  1. Skidaway Island State Park

A must-visit for a photo sure to spike the likes is Skidaway Island State Park. Visitors and followers adore Skidaway for the scenic nature paths and wooded walkways that twist through maritime forest and past saltwater marshes. The waspy trees, palms and coastal vibes set the mood for a must-share photo. To get the full effect, venture on a beautiful hike around the park to get shots of the bird life surrounding the island.

Wormsloe Historic Site
Photo Credit: Katia Pavlyuk – @katiapavlyuk
Wormsloe Historic Site
Photo Credit: @Soicallyyoursgroup
Wormsloe Historic Site
Photo Credit: Liana Nazari – @liananazari
  1. Wormsloe Historic Site

Mirroring a scene straight out of a quintessential Georgia film, an avenue lined by live oaks with low-hanging Spanish moss leads way to a former colonial estate, which now serves as Savannah’s oldest standing structure. Setting the tone for a romantic scene worth capturing, visitors to the historic site will barely make it through the archway gate before having to get out to take a photo of the mile-long tree archway. A popular spot for wedding and engagement photos, Southern charm and scenery flourish at this one-of-a-kind Georgia site.

While garnishing likes on Instagram has been made simple by the natural wonders of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites, the experience does not have to stop after the picture is posted. Views and park amenities can be conveniently enjoyed for any allotted amount of time with a stay in one of the many overnight accommodations offered. Customize your state park experience with a stay in a yurt, cabin or lodge and build up your photo library. Reservations can be made at

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