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Game Day with Hormel Gatherings

If there is one thing I can say about the South, the place I call home, it’s that we love GAME DAY! It is something that we take seriously here.  From the food to the game, GAME DAY is something people are passionate about.  Truth be told, every state is passionate about football!  Football is an American pastime that brings friends and family together, sometimes even providing for a “House Divided!” No matter what side you are rooting for, one thing is for sure–the food has got to be something the fans remember!  So as we are getting ready to watch the game many are talking about, the SEC Championship, we are certainly making sure our FOOD is top notch!  That’s why we are excited to give you some great Game Day Party Ideas!

One name that is at the top of our Game Day Party Ideas  is Hormel!  This company is known for producing high quality products.  Chances are you have experienced the great taste of their cured meats and other products over the years.  If you are looking Game Day Party Ideas, this is one brand that you must add to your list.

hormel gatherings

Hormel’s ready-made party trays featuring meat, olives, cheese, crackers, and more are a super easy appetizer. Just pop off the plastic cover, and open the individual containers and bags!  Viola! It’s that easy!  The crackers are perfectly set up to slide right onto the tray and they are even facing the same direction!  Now I know that might seem silly but if you are into hosting parties like we are, I am all for saving time and energy.  I do not want to take the time to sort through the crackers and make sure they all face the same way.


Game Day with Hormel Gatherings

Are you hosting your own Game Day to celebrate your favorite team?  Need some fresh ideas to make those guests leave knowing your party was the best?  Head on over to Hormel Gatherings official website to check out some amazing recipes.  One of our favorites is their Tasty Pepperoni Bites.

hormel gatherings

Today people want to bring the party wherever they go, and Hormel gets that.  They know that you want to be remembered for throwing the tailgating party of the year, and they want to be known as the company that can make that happen!  They want to help you make that happen with stress free party planning.  How?  With their ready made party trays!    That’s why they have a great selection of ready-made products that are meant to be taken on the go. HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays provide hosts with everything they need in one convenient tray that even looks great when displayed!  Whether you need a tray for a few people or a larger gathering, they have got what you need! Plus, they can be found at your local Walmart in the deli area where they keep the refrigerated cheese and meats.


So what are your party planning tips?  Do you need some ideas to make Game Day or your holiday party a success.  Hormel offers great party planning tips here.   Go with the name that is synonymous with Game Day, Hormel!  You can’t wrong with their brand!



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  1. Tim says
    We never really have gatherings at our house, other than birthday parties for the kids. Whenever we are invited to someones house we always bring some food item along, and these would be great for that.
  2. Natalie says
    I always have card games for people to play so that everyone is entertained.n
  3. Cheryl B says
    We have tailgating parties, we use Hormel products, often during this parties.
  4. kelly tupick says
    I have tried Hormel products in the past. We do a lot of the pepperoni in this house. Best planning tip is to try to keep things simple and fun.
  5. Edye says
    I love themed parties! We love these trays :)
  6. Mary Gardner says
    I have tried Hormel products and like them quite well. We usually do wings and sliders for parties.
  7. Rosie says
    Everything here looks so good. A nice theme and set up, the food good to keep a big crowd happy and munching!

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