Fall is a Great Time to Head to Myrtle Beach


Myrtle Beach Pier

It might not be summer, but that does not mean you can’t head to the beach and still enjoy it! Vacation Myrtle Beach, one of the largest hotel groups in the Myrtle Beach area, featuring 14 oceanfront properties and nearly 4,000 accommodation units, invites guests to fall in love with Myrtle Beach this autumn and enjoy great savings with rates beginning at $39 per night.

The fall season is the most wonderful time of the year at Myrtle Beach with plenty of sunshine, spectacular weather, less crowds, and great value, making it the perfect spot to enjoy your endless summer.

“Autumn is truly the best time to be outdoors and enjoy the beach life. It’s our best-kept secret that our area’s 60 miles of beach coastline only get better after summer ends. The reason is that the weather is perfect with sunshine-filled days, mild nights, flawless blue skies, ocean breezes, warm waters, and beautiful beaches for swimming, fishing, kayaking, and wildlife spotting,” says Matt Klugman, director of sales & marketing for Vacation Myrtle Beach.

“To encourage folks to take advantage of this perfect time of the year, we’re offering some of the best prices of the season at all of our Vacation Myrtle Beach oceanfront properties.”

If you’re dreaming of a beach get-a-way filled with local food, festivals, live music, special events, and outdoor adventures, the fall season creates a perfect climate for outdoor play at Myrtle Beach.

Vacation Myrtle Beach

Autumn deals are available at VMBFall.com.

For more information, visit VacationMyrtleBeach.com or call 855-285-4416.

  1. Claudia Krusch says
    I always go to Myrtle Beach when I am in the area. Fall is a great time to go and enjoy the day. I am looking forward to my next trip there.
  2. LaToyia Dennis says
    Sounds fantastic! My son wants to visit Myrtle Beach, he has asked a few times. Perhaps I will have to take him.
  3. Tara Pittman says
    A walk on the beach sounds awesome. I wish I lived near a beach
  4. sTephanie Jeannot says
    Can't beat a great price. And a wonderful view is something worth seeing regardless of the season. Sounds great.
  5. Blanca v says
    I have to agree about the beach in Autumn.walking down a beach all by yourself to watch the sunrise is one of the most pleasurable things One can do.
  6. Dina Demarest says
    Wow.. What an amazing beach! i have always wanted to live near the beach, too!
  7. Khushboo says
    I love going to the beach during the summers but it is interesting to read how Myrtle Beach is the perfect place to visit during fall :)
  8. ChrissyAdventures says
    I have been to most of the beaches up and down the East Coast but have never visited Myrtle Beach before. I may have to consider that.
  9. Heather says
    We think of beach destinations in the summer, but there's something about the beach during these cooler months. I love long walks. Myrtle Beach looks like a great fall destination.
  10. Tiffany says
    I have been to Myrtle Beach during the summer and loved it! I think going to the beach in the fall is nice too. The prices are great and it makes a nice weekend getaway.
  11. 1stopmom says
    Those are some great prices for a hotel stay. One of these days I need to check Myrtle Beach out when the weather gets cooler her in Wisconsin.
  12. Blair villanueva says
    I miss going to the beach. The last time I did was March. I want to do it again.
  13. Shannon Sawicki says
    Looks like a beautiful place to visit. I love visiting the beaches on here on the west cost in the Autumn to storm watch.
  14. TColeman says
    Going to the beach during the Fall is always great! The weather is still mild enough that you can enjoy yourself and the crowds have definitely dwindled.
  15. Sandra Creso says
    We have not made it to Myrtle Beach but I can't wait to go!!! This looks beautiful ty so much for sharing!
  16. Rebecca Swenor says
    Myrtle Beach sounds like a great place to visit in the fall. There is so much that the whole family can enjoy. Vacation Myrtle Beach would be something to check out with the rooms starting at $39 a night. Thanks for sharing the information.

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