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When my oldest graduated from high school and went off to college, I quickly realized just how much I had not done with him or my younger babies.  I realized that we had missed out on many opportunities to show our kids the world of arts.  Of course we did lots of things like vacationing at the beach, traveling to the mountains, going to lots of sporting events, and many kid friendly events like Chuck E Cheese and more.  Unfortunately, taking time to let them experience all the different types of art was something we missed.  In an effort to expose my children to everything I could, we started going to the art museums, botanical gardens, symphonies, and theaters.  One of our favorites, hands down, would have to be the Cirque du Soleil shows.  They are absolutely stunning and something that everyone, kids included, should experience!  No two shows are alike.

TORUK – The First Flight, inspired by James Cameron’s AVATAR, a live experience by Cirque du Soleil®, envisions a world beyond imagination set thousands of years before the events depicted in the film. The word Toruk, in the Na’vi language, refers to the great leonopteryx, the mighty red and orange predator that rules the Pandoran sky. Central in Na’vi lore and culture, this fascinating creature is crucial to the Na’vi clans’ sense of destiny and interconnectedness – and is about to be ridden for the very first time by a Na’vi.

TORUK – The First Flight is Cirque du Soleil’s 37th production since 1984. The company has brought wonder and delight to more than 155 million spectators in more than 300 cities on six continents. Cirque du Soleil has close to 4,000 employees, including 1,300 performing artists from close to 50 different countries.


Photo Credit: Jesse Faatz
Photo Credit: Jesse Faatz


Photo Credit: Jesse Faatz
Photo Credit: Jesse Faatz

TORUK – The First Flight will be presented at the Infinite Energy Arena on June 15-19, 2016. Tickets can be purchased at



Tickets range from $34.50 – $125

Show Schedule (June 15-19):

Wednesday, June 15 at 7:30pm

Thursday, June 16  at 7:30pm

Friday, June 17 at 7:30pm

Saturday, June 18 at 4pm and 7:30pm

Sunday, June 19 at 1:30pm and 5:30 pm

We are giving away a Family Four Pack to see this amazing show on Wednesday, June 15 at 7:30 pm.  Want to win?



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  1. cgmjemus says
    There are no words, you simply MUST see this in person. There is nothing like Cirque du Soleil. You will never forget it.
  2. cgmjemus says
    Reblogged this on cgmjemus's Blog.
  3. Paula Hogsed says
    I've never been to a Cirque du Soleil show, I would so love to take my children!
  4. jamieloneal says
    Wow! That looks like an amazing show!
  5. Heather L says
    I've never been - the pictures look gorgeous!
  6. Arlynn Suarez says
    Love Cirque du Soleil and Avatar. Hope we can experience Pandora Cirque style!
  7. toughcookiemommy says
    These photos are so beautiful. You are so right about the importance of exposing kids to the arts early one. I take my boys to shows all the time and they love the experiences they have.
  8. Michele says
    One thing I have to say--my Mom definitely exposed me to the arts from a very young age. I still love the Metropolitan Museum and if I could afford it-I'd still be going to on and off Broadway productions. However--Cirque de Soleil was not around back when I was young-and I have never managed to see it as an adult--it is on my bucket list for sure.
  9. I have not been to a Cirque in forever. There is one about an hour from here that I have been wanting to take the kids to, my daughters would love it.
  10. I have never been but have always wanted to see it! Ill have to check bc I know my kids would enjoy it too and it will give us something cool to do over the summer.
  11. Based on your photos, this looks like a must-see production! Everything Cirque du Soleil does is imaginative and larger than life and I'm proud to say the founder and mastermind is from Canada. I adored the movie Avatar and this must be so exciting and captivating to see in person. I know it will be touring, so I will make sure to see it during its Toronto run. Thanks for sharing this!
  12. Adriana Martin (@ABRecipes) says
    Cirque Su Soleil never fails to amaze us. Great stories, make up and the acrobats incredible. Cam't wait to see this new show.
  13. Liz Mays says
    I have yet to be disappointed with a Cirque show. I know this one will be just as entertaining.
  14. Marielle Altenor says
    This is one of my life goals! Going to a Cirque du Soleil's show! I should make it happen.
  15. Elizabeth O says
    That Cirque du Soleil show looks phenomenal. I was looking at the photos of the set and the costumes, and they are breathtaking. I'd love to see that one. :)
  16. Ronnie says
    Can't wait to go

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