Dog Days of Summer

Okay, I am putting my own twist on this saying.  Rather than focus on the extreme heat of summer, I am going to focus on my two furbabies.  As a teacher, I am quite busy throughout the entire school year.  I put in long hours and find that I have little time to myself.  So when the summer comes, I treasure the time that I get with my loved ones.  From spending time with my precious family including my mother and father to loving on my two dogs, I feel a sense of renewal in the summer, and it helps me to refocus my energy on the things that matter most to me.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I spend plenty of time during the school year with my family and pets, but the summer offers us the chance to explore and create more memories with each other and our adorable animals.

We have two dogs, a Chihuahua and a Yorkie-Schnauzer mix, and they truly make our family complete.  The unconditional love they have for us is what makes our life better.  No matter what kind of day we are having, all we have to do is walk through those doors and see their faces! There is just something about the welcome home  treatment pet owners get that just soothes the soul.  So why am I calling it the “Dog Days of Summer,”  because summer is a special time that we get to travel with our dogs.

Since we get to spend more time outdoors with our furbabies, it is  important to have the right equipment for our animals including the right kind of leashes for each one.  Right now we have a basket full of leashes and collars of all types.  Some of which Zoey, our Yorkie-Schnauzer mix, has chewed through.    Gucci, our Chihuahua, has a limited selection available to him because he is a unique size.  The extra small leashes are too tiny for him and the small ones are too loose. Needless to say,  we needed to find some solutions if they were going to be traveling with us.

Recently I became aware of High5dogs, a lifestyle brand selling designer leashes dog wear.   They have created a unique dog leash that allows you to do many different things.  Tired of tying knots when going for coffee? No problem! One ‘CLIC’ ties your dog to a chair or a table in a simple and elegant manner.  The CLIC leash makes it convenient to tether no matter where you are.  The Leader leash allows you to leash your dog 4 ways.  With the Introduction of the patent pending CLIC mechanism, High5dogs is the first to incorporate an innovative system to the traditional leash so one can tether a dog in a single motion, even with only one hand.  We have found that the CLIC and Leaders leash really helps us with our dog leash needs.  Gucci has a leash that fits comfortably around his neck.

Another cool item we have for our dogs is the Bump It Off.  I do not know about you, our our dog Zoey LOVES to be rubbed on her belly.  She will come up to us and give her little bark signal that she is ready to be petted and loved.  Now wouldn’t it be great if  you could give them that attention all while grooming them too?  That is where we fell in love with Bump It Off.  With this tool we can give our dogs a “pet edition” of a deep-tissue massage and groom them with this reusable, silicone sleeve that fits perfectly on your hand.  It lifts up your pet’s loose hair and gives them a nice rub at the same time.   What we love even more about this item is that it is versatile.  You can use it on your furniture or carpets to remove all that leftover hair from your pet! Bump It Off features gentle silicone bristles on one side of the sleeve and smooth bumps on the other, ensuring you get every last hair, while also providing comfort to your pet.

Lastly, if you consider yourself healthy, and you want your beloved pets to enjoy an equally fulfilling and nutritional lifestyle, check out Curry n Pepper food, treats & bath pet products.  In recent years my husband and I have really started to think about what we are putting in not just our own bodies, but also the bodies of our beloved pets.  We want to make sure that it is free of chemicals and other harmful additives and ingredients.  Curry n Pepper gets that,and our dogs love their products! Based on the ancient medicinal practices of Ayurveda, this specialty line draws its inspiration from the elements of nature; Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.   They believe that all animals have a mind, body, and soul and when nourished with these plant-based goodies, will live and breath the benefits of optimal health.


So even if your “Dog Days of Summer” really are those unbearable hot days of summer, take time to invest in your pets if you have them.  Spoil your beloved pet with thoughtful gifts and treats that will make your four-legged companion feel EXTRA special this summer. After all, LOVE can be found in a four-legged animal!



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  1. laurakefford says
    Curry and pepper dogs sounds amazing. Great to find natural based treats for our furry friends
  2. Amber says
    I have cats, and they'd like Bump It Off. They love to be brushed and shed a lot, so this is perfect.
  3. Jhilmil says
    Perfect for the furry pets it seems so.. though I don't have any but yes noted for future:)
  4. deepagandhi says
    This looks like great products for pets. My daughter is after me to get a dog. I will remember these for the time when I have one.
  5. toastycritic says
    What I really need to do with my dog this summer is to take him out more. I know that he would love that a lot. He needs more exercise.
  6. jadoreledecor says
    I don't have a pet, but this has got to be the most interesting post I've ever read on pet gear. These products sound amazing! Nice job.
  7. Afroza Khan says
    Omg these products are so cool. I don't have any pets yet, but my friends do! I'll definitely share this post with them!
  8. elenasts says
    I have trouble finding natural based treats for my dog. Great that I have come across this article and most of all to this brand.

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