DIY birdfeeder

Recently we were given an Upcycle Challenge, and we decided to take it on!  What was the challenge?  To take a Chick-fil-A salad container and upcycle it.  Make it into something else.  We played around with many ideas–maybe make a photo frame out of it or paint it and use it as art on the wall.  Believe it or not, there are tons of good ways to reuse the salad container.  The question for us is “What do we need?”

Our backyard is BIG.  Recently we have started working on cleaning it up and making it an area that we want to be in.  With a pretty little island in the middle of it, we decided that what would best suit us is a bird feeder.  That’s where our inspiration came from.



Empty Chick-fil-A salad container

4  24 inch long pieces of twine

yard stick


2 6 inch pieces of crafting wire

2 inches of heavy duty clear tape


As you can see from the image above, it is a simple task.  Once you have your salad container cleaned and dried, you will poke four holes into the corners of the bottom piece.  The top piece already has four holes in it; you simply have to enlarge them.  We cut 4  twenty four inch twine pieces.  Then we burnt the ends of the twine to keep it from fraying.

Next, we laid the twine out next to a yard stick.  We marked with a marker/sharpie at the following intervals:  2, 8 and 10 inches.  Tie a knot at the two inch mark of each string.   Using the unmarked end, insert it into each corner hole in the bottom piece.  Tie a knot at the 8 inch mark.

Make sure to line up the top and bottom containers as if sealing/closing.  You want to do this so that it can close if needed.

Now add the top  piece.  Bring it down to the 8 inch knot.  Then you want to tie a knot at the 10 inch mark.  This will hold the top in place.

Now you are left with four strings at the top of bird feeder.   Look at our image above.  You will want to allow some room and then bunch it up and wrap it with the crafting wire.  (see image above).  Then you will want to do it again about  4 to 6 inches above that with the remaining craft wire.  (This part is not shown in image.   Tape was used to hold twine in place as we added the crafting wire.

Then hang your bird feeder.  We wrapped ours around a tree limb.   The bird feeder can be hung different ways depending on your needs.

Overall crafting time, about 30 minutes.

Like this idea?  You can find alot whole lot  more upcycled Chick-Fil-A salad container projects from members of the Chick-Fil-A Mom’s Panel HERE


  1. Ronnie says
    I think I will make one
  2. Rosie says
    This was a great challenge, and I love the birdfeeder. I don't have a yard, but if I did, I'd want to do this!

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