Disney’s Little Mermaid is Making a Splash at Serenbe Playhouse

Every year I am amazed at the productions that come out of Sernebe Playhouse in Chattahoochee Hills!  The talent is beyond incredible.  Serenbe Playhouse has been the recipient of the prestigious American Theatre Wing grant and named one of the Top 20 theatres in the nation by Playbill!  Now if that is not impressive to you, then I urge you to head out to see their latest production directed by Ryan Oliveti,  DISNEY’S THE LITTLE MERMAID!  You’ll see for yourself just how lucky we are to have such an outstanding outdoor theatre like Serenbe Playhouse!

The Playhouse kicked off its year-long VOYAGE with the iconic film – Disney’s The Little Mermaid – as they brought it to life like never before! As Ariel knows, there is beauty in the everyday human objects all around us. This motto will ring true with complete scenic and costume elements made from recycled materials – going from trash to pure treasure! Featuring the return of Miss Saigon stars: Niki Badua and Chase Peacock alongside our favorite villainous diva: Deborah Bowman. Join us as we travel ‘Under the Sea’ for an adventure the entire family will never forget!



“Is there a human alive that does not remember seeing Ariel belt ‘Part of Your World’ on a rock as a wave crashed behind her for the first time?” asks the director, Ryan Oliveti. “I so vividly remember seeing Disney’s The Little Mermaid in the theatre with my stuffed animal Max at my side! Being asked to bring this show to life is a full-on dream come true! I cannot wait to share the classic tale with young and old alike. And, in true Serenbe form, it will come to life like never before – on the water with sets, costumes, and puppets made from recycled materials that prevent ocean waste. What better way to honor Ariel’s world than to help clean the ocean and teach the importance of protecting this one planet we all share. Nothing like taking the everyday around us, and turning it into pure Disney magic – true trash to treasure! Walt would be proud!”





Serenbe Playhouse gave the term a green theatre a whole new meaning as constructed an entire underwater world made completely from recycled materials. Bottles, cans, caps have brought to life the magical world for Ariel and her friends to tell their tale! They re-purposed recycled trash and transformed it all into an incredible playground designed by set designer Shannon Robert with beautiful costumes by designer Erik Teague. As part of this project, they gathered the support of the community by creating a central recycling collection center where anyone could drop off the requested recyclable materials, such as bottles and bottle caps, aluminum cans, and plastic bags.  Then artists took the vast supply of materials and transformed them into Ariel’s treasures! This initiative allowed them to stay true to their mission of cutting-edge green theatre by finding the beauty in the everyday… there is magic all around us, sometimes you just have to recycle and look for it!



“The Playhouse is known for reinventing classics, and Disney’s The Little Mermaid will be no different,” says director Ryan Oliveti. “Today, more than ever, taking care of the world we live in is a topic at the forefront of most news sources. Our oceans need attention and cleaning. Creating a world of beauty out of the trash littering Ariel’s world will not only create the greenest set in Playhouse history but will also highlight the importance of taking care of the one planet we all share.”



From a helicopter to the open ocean, Niki Badua and Chase Peacock return for another love story of epic proportions – Ariel and Prince Eric!  Joining them ‘Under The Sea’ is Atlanta and Playhouse favorite Deborah Bowman as Ursula – the most iconic villainess of all time!  Returning to the Serenbe stage are India Tyree as Sebastian, Austin Tijerina as Scuttle, and Terrence Smith as Grimbsy.  Rounding out the leading players are Derek Dixon as King Triton, Brian Jordan as Flotsam, Jordan Patrick as Jetsam, and Kenny Tran as Flounder. Chase Anderson, Brooke Bradly, Brady Dunn, Brittany Ellis, Arielle Geller, Timothy Harland, Kendra Johnson, Casey Shuler, and Madison Welch round out the aquatic ensemble.

Longtime Playhouse collaborators Bubba Carr (choreography) and Chris Brent Davis (music direction) join Oliveti in bringing the timeless fairy tale to life. The creative team tasked with turning recycled materials to pure Disney Magic are costume designer Erik Teague and scenic designer Shannon Robert. Joel Coady (lighting design), Rob Brooksher (sound design), Adam Howarth (sound design), Lindsey Ewing (wig design), Jarrad Hogg (makeup design), and Alysha Burgwardt (makeup design) round out the creative team.

The show runs through April 22.  Matinees are available Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday you can catch a show at 7:30 pm and Friday and Saturday at 8 pm.

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Images credit of BreeAnne Clowdus

  1. Cynthia Nicoletti says
    I love the movie The Little Mermaid and would love to see it at the Playhouse. Love your photos looks like you had a great time, I know I would !!
  2. Tara Pittman says
    This would be an incredible show to see. I love all the costumes that they are wearing.
  3. Daisy says
    Aww I absolutely adore The Little Mermaid!! I would love the opportunity to be able to see this amazing play!!! It sounds fabulous!!!
  4. LavandaMichelle says
    I'd absolutely love to see this live! I love going to the theater, it makes me think about how this used to be the only way to "watch tv." Thanks for sharing.
  5. Wendy Polisi says
    This looks really great! I want to see a live show again soon.
  6. Jennifer L says
    Omg wow this is so fasntastic! I love how visually amazing everything looks, from the costumes to the sets. Would love to see the show.
  7. Becca Talbot says
    This looks like such a fantastic show for little ones :) The costumes have so much detail, and the lighting looks amazing! x
  8. Tina Hogan Grant says
    I have not seen a play in such a long time. Your post reminded how great they are. I may check out seeing a play soon.
  9. Kate Andrews says
    I am obsessed with the Little Mermaid! This looks like such a fun production too. Wish I was in the area.
  10. This looks like a really interesting show to see! What a cool concept.
  11. EscapeWriters says
    How beautiful this is... just scrolling the photos over and over... and thinking how it feels when you really see this in a playhouse.
  12. Oyinkan Ogunleye says
    I haven't even heard of little mermaid in years omg I totally forgot all about it lol
  13. Annreeba says
    I love going to the theater. I love how visually amazing everything looks. I love the costumes they have used.
  14. Gemille Sleweon says
    The Little Mermaid was one of my favorite Disney movies growing up! I would love to take my little sister to see this show.
  15. cheryl hawley says
    Oh, it's been so long since I've been to the theater. It was great reliving those moments through your post. I wish I lived in NY so they would be top-of-mind.

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