Date Night at Ted’s Montana Grill


Ted’s Montana Grill was founded by Ted Turner and George McKerrow.  Modeled after the saloons in the 1800s, it is a place “dedicated to bringing people together for honest food served with genuine care and respect.”


From the moment we entered through the doors, we knew we were going to fall in love with this place.  A charming and quaint eatery with the lights dimmed helps to set the appeal for this place for a special date night.

Ted’s Montana Grill focuses on bison, but don’t let that deter you from this place.  If your palate is not into some of the more adventurous menu items, you are in luck!  They offer a wide variety of items here that are prepared fresh daily!


As soon as we were seated, our waiter took care of our every need.  Beginning with the specials of the evening to the customer favorites, we were made to feel comfortable and at home in this restaurant.   Plus, the arrival of some crunchy and crisp cucumbers really helped to confirm that this was no ordinary restaurant.  These cucumbers were seasoned with vinegar and sliced garlic and snapped when you bit into them.

 Ted’s Montana Grill truly does take their food seriously.  After speaking with the manager who stopped in to check on us, we learned that everything is prepared daily from the meat to cutting the potatoes, everything they serve is fresh!  They also care about customer needs and offer a gluten free menu.


I choose to order GEORGE’S CADILLAC, a juicy and succulent grilled chicken breast served on a ciabatta roll with BBQ sauce, cheddar, bacon, and fried onion straws.  It does come with chipotle ranch as well.  I choose to get it without.  It was tender and juicy with the accent of a grilled.  The taste was excellent and something I will certainly order in the future!


My husband got the RED ROCK, a bison burger served on a ciabatta roll with Pepper Jack, jalapeño, cilantro, onion straws, and Z-Sauce.  You can also choose a certified Angus beef patty for this burger.

Beginning with the ciabatta roll, this was a great new twist to the traditional hamburger roll.  It really added to the overall taste of the burger. My husband ordered his burger medium well and in his own words, it was “juicy, tender, and the meat was not overworked.”  He explained that he could really taste the freshness of the burger.  The cheese, jalapenos, cilantro and onion straws were an added bonus, “a delight to the senses”  as he recalled.  So what is the z-sauce?  My husband describes it as a raspberry jelly, and he said on a scale of 1 to 10, he would give it an 8.7.

Side note:  My husband is a wannabe chef!  He is actually quite good in the kitchen and he was really impressed with this burger that he even proceeded to tell the manager to give his compliments to the chef.


So what is Ted’s secret to making a great burger? Burgers are hand molded and cooked under a dome to ensure that they retain the juiciness that you want in a really good burger.  The manager explained to us that a really good burger is one that will crumble when you bite into it.  That is exactly what happened for my husband!


Have you ever been to Ted’s Montana Grill? What’s your favorite menu item?

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  1. Ronnie says
    I love bison and the burger I had when I went was bursting with flavor. Hail to Ted's for a great burger.
  2. cgmjemus says
    Really great food at Ted's Montana Grill. Everything is top quality. Always leave satified and feeling Special. Love this place.
  3. Sara Parker says
    My husband loves the more adventurous burgers. I stuck with beef, but your chicken sandwich sounds delicious. I'll have to try that one!
  4. Rose Lindsey says
    Looks Delicious. Never been something definitely on the list of places to try.
  5. dementeddoll says
    its one of the few places that offers a kids salmon dish! we love it!!
  6. Lyss Huenniger says
    Ted's is a great place to go if you want to try a new kind of burger! Bison is healthier than beef and just as tasty, and even if you don't want to pay extra you can still get so many good beef burgers instead. The ingredients are awesome and soooo delicious, and the cucumbers they serve as an appetizer are spot on!
  7. heatherrhenry says
    It's so delicious. I love Teds!
  8. Heather says
    I've never been there! My kids like to point out the very large buffalo that sometimes resides outside.
  9. Sang Hyun Lee says
    I go to Ted's at The Forum on Peachtree Parkway occasionally whenever I get my red meat craving. Their burgers are so juicy and flavorful!
  10. Ronnie says
    Love the food Love the atmosphere Can't wait to go back

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