Christmas Trees – Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh All Season Long

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree! Got your Christmas Tree- now what?  How do you care for your newly cut Christmas tree to ensure it stays fresh all season long?  Well, we’ve partnered up with Pike Nurseries to bring you all you need to know to keep your tree looking fresh this holiday season!

Flocked Tree Forest

Picking out a tree has always been one of my favorite holiday traditions with my family.  I just love heading out to our local Pike Nurseries to see the inventory for the new year.  With over 300,000 hand-cut trees delivered to Pike Nurseries stores every year, the local garden center has something for everyone. From lifelike varieties to real, fresh-cut and fragrant Christmas trees, such as Fraser, Noble and Silvertip Fir customers can find a tree for any space.

Our favorite to get each year is a fresh cut 6-7 foot Fraser Fir Christmas Tree usually on sale for $ 49.99.  Plus, it comes with a tree stand and rebate.  Now how can it get any better than that!  Guests can return the stand in January to receive an in-store credit for the original price.

Now if you want a great looking tree, it is best to start out early.  Even the great folks at Pike Nurseries encourage shoppers to pick out that perfect tree early in the season to ensure the best selection.  Once you get it home and all set up, how do you keep real trees fresh and fragrant throughout the season?  The pros at Pike Nurseries are here to help with the top 5 tinsel-laden tips for all to enjoy!

Start Fresh

Choosing the freshest tree possible is crucial for success all season long! Each Christmas tree at Pike Nurseries is carefully hand-cut, positioned in a stand filled with water to retain moisture and placed in a protected greenhouse to shield against direct sunlight, wind and rain. Don’t delay: the experts recommend being proactive on picking early to allow for maximum, fresh selection!

Clean Cut Trunk 

Once the perfect tree has been chosen, be sure to get a fresh cut on the trunk to cut off any resin that may be blocking it from absorbing water. All on-hand garden experts at Pike Nurseries will give each tree a complimentary cut off the trunk prior to loading in customers’ vehicles, so guests can save stress and mess!

Keep The Cool

When bringing the needled beauty home, the pros encourage placing the tree immediately in a gallon of warm to room temperature water and away from heat sources, such as fireplaces, air ducts and radiators. If that isn’t possible, Pike Nurseries recommends running a humidifier in the room to keep the air – and the tree – from becoming dry. Varieties such as Noble and Silvertip Firs grow naturally in cold environments and, as such, prefer to be placed in drafty places in the home.

Stay Hydrated

The best way to keep a Christmas tree fresh for as long as possible is to never let it run out of water. The tree will drink the most water in the first weeks of being in a home, so be sure to be extra diligent about keeping an eye on water levels! The pros recommend keeping the levels above the base of the trunk at all times and filling with room temperature water nearly every day.

Treat Your Tree

Give the tree a little extra love with liquid tree preservative that is designed to extend hydration and keep needles fresh for longer. The experts suggest using about two tablespoons of preservative per gallon of water for best results.

christmas tree care

For those looking for more low-maintenance solutions, Pike Nurseries also offers a selection of premium life-like trees in a variety of styles – all with a 10-year warranty and a three-year warranty on lights. The life-like options at Pike Nurseries are carefully curated to resemble the same look and feel of fresh-cut counterparts, with pre-lit branches, LED lights and multiple light functions for a brilliant display, plus more tips for a realistic look and hinged branches for easy setup.

For more information on the different varieties of Christmas trees offered, as well as tips on caring for them, stop by any of the 19 Pike Nurseries locations in Georgia and North Carolina or visit

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  1. katie says
    These are great tips! We have a humidifier that will be set up for the tree now :) I can't wait to start decorating our Christmas tree and keep it looking fresher longer.

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