Celebrate Spring Break at Six Flags Over Georgia

Spring Break is fast approaching, and with that comes finding activities for your children to do.  If you are not one of those traveling to soak up the sun, then we have the perfect place for you to go and create memories that will last long after the tan fades.  Six Flags Over Georgia will celebrate no school with its annual Spring Break celebration, April 1 through 9. Featuring 12 high-thrilling coasters and more than 40 rides and attractions, Six Flags Over Georgia is the best destination for thrilling fun.

Along with the park rides and attractions, Six Flags Over Georgia Spring Break will also feature:

The high-flying, gravity-defying BMX Bike and Stunt Show, with multiple ramps and bike tricks daily; and Super Hero Cape-A-Palooza with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA). For every cape purchased at our special Super Hero Cape tent at the front gate, Six Flags Over Georgia will donate a children’s youth cape to CHOA on April 3 and 4.

If you are going to head to one of favorite theme parks, be sure to check out Drops of Doom VR! North America’s first-ever permanent drop tower ride with a virtual reality experience, Drop of Doom VR, is now available for a limited time only at Six Flags Over Georgia.  Don’t miss your chance to experience this.


The park is open daily for Spring Break April 1 – 9 and on weekends through May 14. Daily summer operation begins on May 20. For more information and park hours, visit www.sixflags.com/overgeorgia

Need a job?

Six Flags Over Georgia will hire 3,100 employees during the 2017 season. Hiring for the summer season is currently underway. Applicants must be at 16 years of age or older and apply online at www.sixflagsjobs.com. If found qualified, applicants will be notified by park management to schedule an interview.

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  1. robin Rue says
    We love Six Flags. Ours opens for the season in May and we are looking forward to a visit.
  2. I've never been to a Six Flags, but I've heard lots of great things about the park! Maybe one day! I guess I'll have to stick with all my Central Florida amusements until then!
  3. Shirley says
    I am planning to visit Georgia next year in April or March. I have heard a lot about Six Flags definitely i would love to see this.
  4. Kim Lee says
    I've been to Six Flags in Georgia! Looks like you guys had a great time. Something for everyone!
  5. Krista Bel says
    Never heard of this but this looks like an amazing way to spend time
  6. Sarah Bailey says
    This would be a good employment opportunity for the teens. I would like to visit this place someday.
  7. Eileen says
    Wow. I only wish I lived closer. I've been reading so many good places to visit and restaurants to dine in Atlanta! A bit more prodding and I am just about ready to move there!
  8. Elizabeth O. says
    This sounds really interesting and definitely exciting! I'm sure a lot of people will be looking forward to this, especially those who are on their Spring break and are looking for something worth while.
  9. Befitting Style says
    I've been to Six Flags in other states but not Georgia! I'm sure it's just as fun!
  10. Erin (@FaithFoodFamFun) says
    Whoa! I had no idea Six Flags hired that many summer employees! I guess they need a lot to keep all that fun going! I've never been but totally want to go. We have Carowinds here, I think they are similar. :)
  11. Hannah Marie says
    Oh yes, kids really need activities now and I think that is exciting! I would love to visit and watch!
  12. angie the freckled rose says
    I am obsessed with Six Flags! I haven't been in a couple of years, and I'm dying to go back. Your post has me wanting to ride a roller coaster and drink a giant soda! :)
  13. karlyn cruz says
    This is really fantastic! Although I never heard the Six Flags, it looks sounds interesting and awesome.
  14. Spring break for us starts next week and this is exactly where we are going! It is so much fun!!
  15. eazynazy says
    never heard about this but it sounds amazing
  16. Jennifer L says
    Wow I havent been to six flags in ages. Remembering have a blast during summer that I might go again.
  17. Clark Albert says
    This is extremely amazing, six flags is new to me. Interesting.
  18. sparkofsouthernmoms says
    I would love to take my son to Six Flags. We are close to the one in GA, and I think that will be one of our stops this summer!
  19. The Mad Mommy says
    We have never been to a Six Flags, but we love amusement parks! Spring Break at Six Flags looks awesome!
  20. I haven't been in six flags but I think it was so much fun and I would love to experience this.
  21. Wildish Jess says
    I haven't been to six flags in forever. I love theme parks though!
  22. Janice Miller says
    Go to Six Flags you will love it. If you have not been in a while Go Go Go. You will love it even more than you did when you were a kid.
  23. […] Source: Celebrate Spring Break at Six Flags Over Georgia […]
  24. Angela Milnes says
    I have never been to the USA before. I am sure my husband and daughter would love to watch this. Angela x

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