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Portrait Innovations

I’m a photography nerd!  I love capturing authentic moments of my family, friends, and nature. Everywhere I go I am looking for opportunities to snap a few pictures.  Although I LOVE to do that, there is one thing that I am missing!  Professional photos!  There is nothing quite like what a professional photographer can capture.  After my recent visit to our local Portrait Innovations, I know and appreciate this even more!

We have two beautiful children that we enjoy capturing on film.   Of course, as parents, we believe our babies are the cutest and most photogenic ones around.  However, if the truth is told, I can hardly capture pictures of our little boy.  He is too fast and does not have time to sit for a photo.  It’s just not his thing!  What we end up with is a blurry trail as he zooms by after the shot has been taken.

A week ago we scheduled a session at Portrait Innovations.  I have noticed this place at our local outdoor shopping mall, but I have yet to take advantage of what they have to offer.  After my session, I am asking myself WHY!  We had a young lady by the name of Addie assigned to us, and she was amazing!  Working with our little boy involves patience.  As a typical two-year-old, he wants to run and play.  Getting him to sit down for a picture taking session is next to impossible.  This did not seem to phase Addie.  She was ready and willing to snap pictures of him despite his shenanigans.

Portrait Innovations

This picture captured above is one of our favorites.  Baby boy was not interested in sitting down and posing with his little sister like we had envisioned.  She managed to get one of the two of them at the top of this post, but that was due to her impeccable timing. What you can’t see from the above picture was how he was running around playing with the props.  Despite his playfulness, Addie was quick to snap.  She did not let his typical two-year-old behavior interfere with us getting quality images that we could proudly show off to our friends and family.   I can’t stress to you just how impressed I was with that.  As a teacher in an elementary school, I am used to kids.  I know how they behave.  What Addie demonstrated to me in our session was a level of professionalism that I could appreciate.

Portrait Innovations

With Halloween right around the corner, this is the perfect time to make an appointment for your family at Portrait Innovations.  Why not capture your children in their Halloween costumes?  After all, many of us invest a lot of time and energy in finding just the right costume for our little ones.  These are the perfect memories to capture on film.

You don’t just have to focus on the Fall either right now.  Portrait Innovations is ready to help you snap the right holiday picture.  As a mother, I am really thankful for that.  In the past, I have tried to snap my own pictures when I got the tree up and that just does not leave me a lot of time to order cards and address them.  I have also searched through my phone looking for images from our summer vacations just to find that perfect image for our cards.  Unfortunately, I am usually disappointed when I have picked just the right card and get that lovely triangle with an exclamation mark in it.  You know the one that lets you know the image you selected is way too small for the card you want.  Have you ever had that happen to you?

Why not let Portrait Innovations take that stress from you?  We were able to select several photos to feature on our holiday cards this year.  What made this even better is they had a wide selection of cards we could choose from.  No more worrying this holiday season about cards for this momma!  I’m ready!



Portrait Innovations

Our experience at Portrait Innovations was an easy and impressive one.  I would even use the word fun for our photo session despite our rambunctious little two-year-old.  Throughout the day leading up to our session, I had managed to get myself worked up dreading the events that would unfold at the studio.   I knew my two-year-old was going to give me and the photographer a run for our money.  I had worried so much that I had worked up a quite a headache!  But as our session went on, I noticed my stress was alleviated.  Addie made sure to make me feel comfortable and to let me know she had this.  She kept telling me that everything was fine.  He’s a typical two-year-old and she had time to make sure things turned out right.  You know what?  She was right!  She eased this momma’s fears and provided a session that was easy and fun.

What made this even sweeter was that I walked out of that studio with my pictures in hand.  Yes, they print them right in the studio for you.  Even our cards were printed for us.  The only thing we are waiting to receive is our special products like calendars, canvas portraits, and photo gifts.


Portrait Innovations

Portrait Innovations offers a variety of packages for all budgets.   If you are looking to capture the innocence fo your children in a photograph, I definitely recommend checking out your local Portrait Innovation.  With locations across the United States, you are bound to find one near you.  They are even offering a FREE Halloween Portrait Event! You can find out all the details here.




Portrait Innovations

Can’t make it to the studio on Halloween?  No problem, they have some great deals going on right now.  Capture those Halloween costume memories! They have two sweet offers right now.  You can get the 16×20 Gallery Canvas ($100 Value) with 37 Portrait Package for only $19.99 (Reg. $24.99) with the 20% coupon. ~OR~ choose the 37 Portrait Package, now only $9.99 (Reg. $12.49) with the 20% coupon.  The 37 Portrait Package includes 1-10×13 Wall Portrait, 2-8x10s, 4-5x7s, 4-3x5s, 16-2x3s, and 10-3×5 Halloween Cards.   There are NEVER any sitting fees, and your portraits and cards are printed in the studio within minutes. You can even schedule your appointment online!

So, what are you waiting for?  Schedule today and capture those adorable little ones in their Haloween costumes and even score the picture-perfect image for your holiday cards.

Portrait Innovations



  1. Lisa Marie Heath says
    Ohh what an amazing deal. It's been so long since I've had my son do any portraits and I really keep meaning to! This is a great reminder! I'll have to see if I have any Portrait Innovations locations near me!
  2. Anosa says
    Addie did such an amazing job I know we struggle to get my nephew to sit down to have any photos taken but these turned out really well
  3. robin rue says
    They did a really good job with the photos. My boys missed school picture day, so I need pictures of my boys and might have to go here.
  4. Amber Myers says
    These are some cute photos! I'll have to see if we have a Portrait Innovations nearby. These are some great deals.
  5. Sarah Bailey says
    What some cute photos, I can't believe the deals that Portrait Innovations are offering, what an amazing deal.
  6. candy says
    My husband is really into photography. Your photos turned out wonderful. Bright colors clear and crisp. Will have to show him this.
  7. Heather @ Kraus House Mom says
    I haven't had professional portraits of my kids done in years. My oldest got hers done every 3 months and my youngest got hers done once. I need to get a family one done.
  8. Jeanette says
    I love the creative these places are. You're so much cooler than they are used to be. I love all the backgrounds you can choose and all the props. Maybe we'll get our family photos done there.
  9. Lisa says
    They have done our family photos for the last 3 years and they always do an amazing job. I love all the shots of your babies. So cute.
  10. Liz Mays says
    It would definitely be a good time to go in for some photos. I'd love to have a few Fall-themed family photos to decorate with.
  11. Jenn @ EngineerMommy says
    I love these pictures. As a mom, I take so many pictures of my kids. It's such a fun way to look back at memories from previous years.
  12. Lori Vachon says
    We've been using PI for family pictures for years, always had a great experience. Kinda bummed though, they moved out of our town, will have to see where another location is now.
  13. Sapphire Kharyzma says
    Okay, these photos are absolutely adorable. I am a photo fanatic, and my kids know that mom and camera equal tons of snaps lol. I love capturing memories.
  14. Janelle says
    Aww.. Just too adorable. I love when photos are even taken when people are caught off guard LOL.. "The best moments are captured when you're not even ready for it".
  15. Dogvills says
    Wow. That is a great deal for professional photographs! I also have a shutter finger and I love talking walks with my camera or even just my smartphone would do.
  16. Sandy N Vyjay says
    The photos of the kids are really lovely and colourful. It is always so nice to capture family memories and relive them later.
  17. Kita Bryant says
    These are some amazing photos! I need to get some portraits of my kids.
  18. Lynn Woods says
    What cute little ones! I think my Mom has each and every picture my sisters and i took when we were kids.

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