Candytopia – An Immersive Candy Playground You Don’t Want to Miss

Where can you go in Atlanta that allows you to be fully immersed in a candy wonderland? Why you head to Candytopia of course! The candy-coated experiential adventure that has delighted over half a million guests across the country is now open in Atlanta next to the Disco Kroger in Buckhead through July 31.  This confectionary playground features more than one dozen rooms with larger-than-life interactive art installations and full sensory experiences.  It’s like stepping into Willy Wonka’s Factory!

Candytopia Atlanta

Atlanta’s newest Instagram-worthy playground is definitely the Golden Ticket! From the moment you walk through the grand entrance, you are going to feel like a kid again.

We were recently invited to dive into this candy playground, and it is something to experience!  This immersive museum is full of candy replicas of a variety of iconic pieces of art and even features some playful tributes to Atlanta- peaches, Ray Charles, the Braves, and more.  Filled with candy art, rope swings, webbed swings, confetti spinner, candy, candy, and more candy…it’s just plain fun at Candytopia.


What to See at Candytopia

The Atlanta Candytopia adventure begins in the lobby as greeted by Willy-Wonka looking tour guides who stand outside the grand doors.  As you gaze around your eyes can’t help to be drawn to a 360-pound dragon made of 125,000 pieces of licorice, rock candy, sour belts, Swedish fish, and other sweets.   There’s even a treasure box full of taffy to enjoy as you wait your turn to enter through the doors to this playground.

The rules are simple: Have fun! Work your way through each room by immersing yourself into the theme of the room.  Just don’t lick, eat, or take part the beautiful candy installments, but you can eat the candy they have to offer in each room!

The first room we entered was what I refer to as the Clock Room.  This Victorian parlor/library was filled with clocks and sculptures that truly are mesmerizing.  Even the portraits on the wall reveal the intricate details put in reconstructing these iconic pieces. Don’t forget to grab your Lindt chocolate truffles from one of the enormous clocks suspended from the ceiling.


As you wind your way through this Willy Wonka labyrinth, you will be immersed into an array of sights, sounds, and smells.  The rainbow passageway leads to an art gallery.


As you work your way through themed rooms like the Art Gallery and Under the Sea, you will find that nearly EVERYTHING is made up of candy!  The closer you look at it, the more in awe you become at the talented work of these artists.


One of our favorite rooms was the Confetti room.  This playground features confetti farting pigs and unicorns.


You end your visit in the enormous marshmallow pit. Now they’re not real marshmallows, but they are very real-looking foam balls. One thing is for sure, you could spend HOURS in this pit.


Candytopia Atlanta — What to Know Before You Go

  1.  Candytopia is a limited engagement.  Doors will close on July 31, 2021.
  2. You will need to purchase your tickets ahead of time.  To help the flow of guests, tickets are available for specific dates and times.
  3. Make sure your phone is charged or come with a backup camera!  There are so many great photo opportunities that you do not want to miss!
  4. Download their app prior to going.  They have their own Augmented Reality (AR) in the app that allows you to take some fun pictures.  Plus, they have special places where you literally scan your phone and they take a picture for you.
  5. The Marshmallow Pit is FUN, but you do have to take your shoes off.  BTW, it is not as easy as it looks to go through it.  You will definitely get a chance to work off that candy you’ve eaten along the way:)
  6. There are confetti cannons, loud music, and some bright lights.
  7. Yes, you can touch the candy displays.
  8. You can’t go backwards! The route through the rooms is one-way so it’s important that you take all the pictures you want before moving on.

Candytopia Safety Guidelines

The safety of our visitors and employees is their number one priority. Based on guidance from health authorities and government agencies, they have implemented new health and safety measures for your visit to provide you with the safest experience possible.

Guests aged 4+ are recommended to wear a mask or face covering (Please bring your own from home).  During our visit, we saw that all the employees were wearing masks and several guests were as well.

If you are sick, please stay at home. They will do their best to reschedule your ticket.

Sanitize! Hand sanitizer is located throughout the exhibit.

They also have cleaning and disinfecting procedures in place.


About Candytopia

Candytopia is a peek inside the sweet and twisted world of famed celebrity candy artist, Jackie Sorkin, and it was created in partnership with her co-founders, events, and production design expert Zac Hartog, CEO of ZH Productions, and retail veteran John Goodman.

“What if an eccentric chocolatier and a daredevil pop star had a whirlwind romance, got married while skydiving, and had a glamorous, glittering love child who grew up to rule a small nation? Welcome to Candytopia, where colossal candyfloss constructions meld with a tantalizing taffy twistedness!”

Candytopia Atlanta

Candytopia is open NOW next to the Disco Kroger in Buckhead through July 31. Tickets must be purchased in advance and are expected to sell out quickly. For tickets ticket access, please visit

Candytopia Ticket Prices

Adults: $28
Kids (4-12): $20
Kids (3 and under): Free



If you ever dreamed of scoring a Golden Ticket, you’ve come to the right place! Candytopia is one of those places where you can satisfy your sweet tooth and allow your imagination to soar!

So I will leave you with this!  As a girl of the 80s, this song sums it up beautifully for me!

“Sweet things are made of these, who am I to disagree?  I travel the world and the seven seas, everybody’s looking for something.”  Eurythmics Sweet Dreams 

And we have certainly found it at Candytopia.  Don’t let this experience pass you by!

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