Camp H.O.W.L Coming to Great Wolf Lodge

There’s something great about going on vacations together.  The memories that you create are priceless.  But isn’t it so much better when you can go on vacation with your child but still have a little alone time with your significant other?  Parents will delight as Great Wolf Lodge offers Camp H.O.W.L (Habitat of Wild Learning) at Great Wolf Lodge Georgia.  Camp H.O.W.L. will offer families a variety of activities to enjoy together during the daytime, while in the evening, it transforms into a parent-free, secure kids’ club featuring supervised educational and entertaining activities for children.

“We’re excited Camp H.O.W.L. will make its debut at Great Wolf Lodge Georgia, allowing parents the opportunity to unwind and enjoy some of the adult-focused resort amenities,” said Brooke Patterson, Vice President of Attractions for Great Wolf Resorts. “Great Wolf Lodge is such a dynamic family destination that kids will absolutely have the time of their lives, but we want to ensure parents also have the opportunity to relax and reconnect.  The interactive and engaging program at Camp H.O.W.L. ensures the fun continues for the kids, and parents can enjoy an evening on their own, guilt-free.”

Photo Credit: Mark Ashman

Camp H.O.W.L. will make guests feel as if they have stepped into the Northwoods forest, complete with a Great Wolf Kids cabin that serves as both a backdrop for a multi-dimensional stage and a play space that houses an assortment of interactive activities.  Families can visit Camp H.O.W.L. throughout the day and participate in a variety of complimentary activities such as craft-making, character sketching, coloring activities, interactive games and more.  In the evening, it transforms to offer structured, parent-free secure programming specifically designed for children ages 4-12.  A Great Wolf Lodge trained Ambassadors of Fun will lead the children through a variety of activities including crafts, interactive games, and family-friendly movies. Initially, secured programming will only be available during a four-hour time period in the evening with two designated drop off times — one that includes dinner and one without.  There will be a nominal fee for kids enrolled in the evening secured programming.

Three unique programs will be offered at Camp H.O.W.L.

“The Great Outdoors, Indoors” where kids will learn the basic essentials of camping

“All Living Things: Exploring Animals A-Z” where children will explore all things animals

“Bugs, Bark and Blooms, Oh My!” which will dive into nature, insects and more

While the kids are having fun at Camp H.O.W.L., parents can partake in a number of grown-up activities at the resort.  Debuting at Great Wolf Lodge Georgia will be Northwoods Springs, an adults-only oasis adjacent to the outdoor pool offering a respite for parents. Featuring a private hot tub and relaxing lounge chairs, Northwoods Springs will be exclusive to guests 21 and over.

An upscale dining concept parents are sure to enjoy is Barnwood, whose menu is sourced from ingredients found within a 100-mile radius of the resort ensuring freshness and an ever-changing array of dishes based on seasonality. Parents can head into the water park to enjoy a craft cocktail at The Watering Hole, or relax by the fireplace in the Grand Lobby.

As an added treat, parents can take advantage of Great Wolf Lodge’s signature Wine Down service, where adults can choose from a curated selection of food and wine pairing options and have it delivered straight to their hotel room. If the kids are sleeping, the resort will alert guests with a text message when the treats arrive as to not wake the sleeping wolf pups.

All overnight stays at Great Wolf Lodge Georgia includes two days of play at the expansive indoor water park, along with numerous fun-filled activities families can enjoy together.  Standard rates start at $199.99 per night and are available to book now.

Great Wolf Lodge Georgia will be located at 150 Tom Hall Parkway in LaGrange, GA. For more information on Great Wolf Resorts and its brands of indoor water park resorts, visit

  1. Tara Pittman says
    I wish this place was closer to us. It looks so fun and I want to play.
  2. Carrie says
    This looks like so much fun I'd love to go with the family!
  3. Marcie says
    We have one in Washington State that's been on our family's bucket list! I've heard such good things!
  4. steph parrell says
    This is such a beautiful place! love the decor! I wish we had one of these closer to where I live.
  5. Gingermommy says
    I have heard some great things about GWL. I am sure it would be fantastic fun for the entire family.
  6. This is such a neat idea. I love that there will be a variety of activities that you can participate in. Sounds like a ton of fun!
  7. cheryl hawley says
    Wow looks like I'm missing out living so far away in so cal. I'll have to come visit!
  8. Akamatra says
    Forget the kids, I wanna go play there myself! I love this so much!!! So much fun!
  9. Adrianne Betz says
    I have heard about this place before. It looks like a great place to take the family.
  10. Comfort Nnana Kalu says
    This looks so fun, If I was a kid I would have loved this!
  11. Athena says
    We don't have any Great Wolf Lodges near us but it would be awesome if this were available to us.
  12. Lydia Samson says
    This looks like a fun destination! I think we may plan a trip that direction in a few years to check it out!
  13. Andrea says
    This looks like a great space with a lot of fun for kids and adults! We'll definitely check it out if we're ever in the area!
  14. Jelena says
    This looks like a great place for both kids and parents!
  15. Khushboo says
    Looks like a super fun place. We were looking for a venue for my niece's upcoming birthday and I bet she will love it :)

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