Buzz Off, Bugs! Tips to Rid Backyards of Mosquitoes

mosquitoesIt’s the season for warm sunshine, pool days, tan lines and outdoor barbecues. Unfortunately, unseasonably wet weather in the southeast has also heralded the return of pesky mosquitoes. The experts at Pike Nurseries have tips and tricks to deter everyone’s least favorite flying bugs, including some tried and true prevention methods.Bonide-Mosquito-Beater-Water-Soluble-Pouches
  • Prevent the event – The best way to assure uninvited guests don’t invade garden spaces is to keep them from setting up residence in the first place. To prevent mosquitoes from ruining the next backyard barbeque, remove all standing water. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant, standing water, so anti-insect gardeners are encouraged to empty any standing water left in flower pots saucers, remove debris piles, and to and clean bird baths regularly. Dropping Bonide Mosquito Beater water soluble pouches into fish ponds or spots of standing water will stop the lifecycle by killing mosquito larvae, all without harming fish or other aquatic organisms!Citronella-Geranium-in-pot
  • Repel with smell – Some plants and oil scents found around the house can repel mosquitoes. Gardeners of all skill levels looking to rid spaces of these pesky bugs should place these aromatic plants around patios, porches and in containers near outdoor gathering areas. Lemon thymerosemary and lavender all contain oils that repel mosquitoes. Crushing these plant leaves will release the scents and oils that can be rubbed onto the skin and serve as a DIY bug repellent. Citrosa (citronella) scented geranium produces a citronella scent when leaves are compacted – another great bug spray alternative! In addition, adding lemongrass to gardens and outdoor areas helps chase away mosquitoes and doubles as the perfect addition to any summertime beverage! For the savvy entertainer, the Amazon Lights citronella candle is the best repellent for patio parties. These pest-fighting candles have a blend of aromatic essential oils from Brazilian andiroba, citronella, rosemary and thyme.
  • Lather up and conquer – A common mistake among outdoor enthusiasts is to apply sunscreen on top of insect repellant. However, when used together, the products often deactivate each other. For best results, the experts at Pike Nurseries recommend using Sunsect insect repellant and sunscreen to tackle both tasks. Originally developed for the U.S. military, this product allows hard working gardeners to kick back for a day in the sun without worrying about bothersome bugs.Thermacell_Mosquito-Repeller_MR-LJ-Black-RepellerBonide-Mosquito-Beater-RTS-Qt
  • Bye bye, bugs – Thermacell is the ideal mosquito repellent to cover large areas. It’s portable (clips onto a belt or waistband), odorless and creates a 15 foot mosquito-free zone, making it ideal for gardening, mowing the lawn, camping, hiking and grilling. Bonide Mosquito Beater fogger is another great option for eliminating bugs in big backyards! Before spending time outside, simply spray the fog around the perimeter of the yard. The fog will instantly eliminate pests in the area for a few hours per use. For more serious mosquito infestations, Pike Nurseries experts recommend the DynaTrap. The trap produces carbon dioxide to lure in the pests, and then traps and eliminates them. The DynaTrap is available in several sizes and is safe to use around kids and pets.

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    THEY are the scourge of Summer. Thanks, looks like some really good alternatives to the same old same old ideas.
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