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Who likes a good reality television show?  You know, a reality tv show that is real and genuine.  Try finding one of those on television that is wholesome is even harder; however, if you have been watching Bringing Up Bates like we do, then you know it is possible to have a wholesome reality tv show.  Now I will be honest, I was skeptical at first esp after watching another reality show with 19 kids and becoming disappointed in its demise.  I was thinking this show would not measure up or that it would just too similar to the former.  OH BOY WAS I WRONG!  There is just something special about this family.  They are real and genuine.  I fell in love with this show from the first episode because I felt like I truly connected with them.  I felt like they were like my family, minus a few children.

Kelly Jo and Gil Bates have a relationship that is built on equalness and I think that is why I love the show so much!   They each call the shots in the family, which in my opinion, is the way it should be.  Their children seemed to interact with one another realistically, not fake.  What I mean is sometimes when you watch reality tv it seems the participants tend to “act” a certain way in front of the camera-almost like it is planned.  On Bringing Up Bates, it seems more realistic.  They showcase love, faith and fun esp with what I like to call the “Bateisms.”  Those unique quotes embedded through the show that my family says from time to time.  For instance, “Popsicles and Band-Aids are the universal fix for any problem.” – Gil Bates.  How true!  How True!  I always think they are a great fix and offer something sweet to my kids whenever they are hurting–along with a band aid.  Whereas my husband and sons seem to think that duct tape is the solution to everything!

“Duct tape is always important.” – Nathan

Just as we have our own set of beliefs and ideals for raising our families, the Bates are just the same.  The Bates are conservatives and devout Christians that live in rural Tennessee.  They strive to raise their family maintaining their beliefs and lifestyle.

 “I don’t know what’s in the future, but I know Who holds the future… and I’m looking forward to what He’s going to deliver.” – Gil

  If you are a parent, then you have some beliefs on how you want things done such as when you will let your child date, whether or not they can have pierced ears, or what type of clothing is acceptable.  What I like is that even though they have their own beliefs, they do not claim to know or have all the answers.  I do not feel like I am being judged by them in anyway.

They allow their own children to set some of their standards such as in the area of dating or courting.

“If you don’t have big dreams, you’ll never go anywhere in life.” – Tori

I also love that they accept their family for their beliefs.  Alyssa Bates Webster , one of the married daughters, wears pants and sleeveless tops.  She even has her ears pierced, but that does not mean she has been banished from the family.  She is accepted even if it goes against what mom and dad had set for themselves as what was acceptable.

If you have never seen Bringing Up Bates, you need to check it out.  It is returning for its 4th season on the UP Network on June 2 at 9pm EST.  Not sure if you get the channel with the mantra of “We Get Family.”  You can check here:  Bringing Up Bates is shown weekly on Thursday nights at 9pm EST.

The UP network believes that quality entertainment with authentic uplifting stories about family will have a positive impact on people’s hearts and change our world. At UP their mantra is “we get family”. From your crazy uncle to your neighbor that you love like a sister, they get the unique stories; the strengths and the silliness, the tears and triumphs, the laughter and the hard won lessons of family.
Celebrate with UP for what makes each story unique and the shared experiences that bring us all together. As TV’s trusted home for families that is targeting adults, UP promises to tell their stories in a way that is relatable, genuine, positive, but most of all fun and entertaining.


 Join us 6/2 at 9PM EST for the premiere of Bringing up Bates Season 4 on UP TV using the hashtag #BringingUpBates. Several AMAZING prizes will be given away to lucky participants! I will be tweeting Thursday night throughout the show, and I would love to have you join me!

What: Twitter Chat Premiere Party for Bringing Up Bates

Where: Any Twitter platform! Use the hashtag!

Hashtag: #BringingUpBates

Topic: Bringing Up Bates Season 4 Premiere

Host: @BringingUpBates

WHEN:  Thursday, June 2, 2016 from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EDT)


Bringing Up Bates is a family docu-series that follows the lives of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates, proud parents of 19 children and a growing number of grandchildren. In the new season, change is in the air as a lot of the kids are beginning to forge their own paths outside of the family. From new loves, to new careers and new babies, the Bates are experiencing both the highs and lows of life. Tune in to meet the whole family!  You can also follow their blog here.

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post; however, all opinions presented are 100% mine.


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  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says
    I have never heard of this show, but might check it out now that all my regular season shows have come to an end for the summer.
  2. Beauty Brite says
    Oh lovely. Another big family with a reality show. I had no idea they even had a reality show! Good for them. I am glad that they are "back." Maybe they are more interesting than that other family.
  3. Kelly Dye says
    Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed your post. I just recently learned about the Bates family and I have been impressed with how the Bates' raise their kids in a such a structured, yet accepting, environment. I also like the partnership that Kelly and Gil have, you can tell they really are a team.
  4. Taneja's Bride says
    This show has been off my radar, but it looks really interesting, as reality shows are definitely my guilty pleasure!
  5. Sharon Beauty Prime says
    I haven't heard of this show and would surely want to watch it now. Thanks for sharing !
  6. Betsy Barnes says
    I had never heard of this show. It sounds interesting, may have to check it out. :)
  7. Elizabeth O. says
    I don't really watch a lot of TV shows anymore, I do enjoy shows that are about families and parenting though so this is really interesting. This is the first time I've heard of it, thanks for the heads up!
  8. Hi LeighAnn, I never heard of this show but I will definately have to check it out now! Thanks for the awesome review!
  9. Liz Mays says
    This is great! I'll have to check out the show. It sounds like a great one to watch with the family.
  10. Fashion Travels (@tauyanm) says
    nice to know this! haven't watch and even use our tv for so long haha as my whole family uses laptop to watch haha altho, tv for marathons are good. never heard this program before. but sounds like a fun thing to watch and see
  11. The Trophy WifeStyle says
    Oooo I must live under a rock because I ha e never heard of this show!!! I'm definitely going to be tuning in to watch :)
  12. Karlaroundtheworld | Karla says
    And here I was expecting a different Bates, haha! This sounds like a great show, I laughed so hard when I saw the name Gil Bates, he must like windows!
  13. Mauie Flores says
    First time I heard this show. Will check this out.
  14. Pamela Gurganus says
    I love this show and I love the UP Network! My family watches a lot of their programming because it's so family friendly! Thank you for sharing this information. I look forward to watching the new season!
  15. I have never heard of this show, but it looks really interesting! Thanks for sharing!
  16. Nancy at Whispered Inspirations says
    I haven't heard of this but, it looks interesting. :) I will have to look it up! :) Thanks!
  17. Nicole Escat says
    It's on its 4th season but I still haven't heard of this show. Sounds very interesting!
  18. Ryan Escat says
    I am not a fan of reality shows but this one sounds good. I will going to watch this!
  19. Valerie Robinson says
    I've never heard of the show either, but will check anything out at least once! Thanks for sharing something new with me!
  20. Cindy Ingalls says
    I didn't know there were other big families out there with own reality tv show. I don't tend to watch these kinds of shows, but it does sound like it could be interesting.
  21. reinventingjess says
    I've never even heard of this show. I can't imagine having that many kids!
  22. Agnes says
    Never heard of this show, thanks for sharing. Will check it out.
  23. Rosey says
    My first to hear of it. And hurrah for the Twitter party tomorrow! :)
  24. Stephanie Pass says
    I had no other there was another show like the former. I am not much for reality television.
  25. Doctor-blogger-mompreneur says
    Appears to be an interesting family show. Will check it out
  26. Lisa Rios says
    Bringing Up Bates sounds like a great show though I have never heard about it before. I love watching reality TV shows anytime & I would like to watch this one for sure.
  27. Paula Hogsed says
    adding to my list of shows right now!
  28. Aziel Morte says
    Never heard of this show but it really sounds interesting.
  29. Janet W. says
    I love to watch this show with my family! Ever since the Duggars went off air, this has been our go-to show!
  30. Elena says
    sounds like a fun show. thanks for sharing!
  31. shelly peterson says
    I hadn't heard of this show but it looks like it would be good. I wish I had the channel to watch it.
  32. Natalie says
    I have never heard of this show but I bet my nephew would love it.
  33. Lisa Brown says
    Never heard of this show, looks like it can be funny.
  34. Arlynn Suarez says
    didn't know about this show! interesting
  35. Cheryl says
    We don't get UP TV.

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