Bobby Jones Golf Course – A Classic Reborn

The Bobby Jones Golf Course is one of the most well-known courses in the south. Opened to the public in 1932, the course honored golfing legend, Bobby Jones. Over the years, however, this once iconic course descended into obsolescence, falling from its once high standing as a premier course. However, the golf course that was once a truly great achievement in the sport will now once again take its rightful place as a premier golfing destination thanks to The Bobby Jones Golf Course Foundation, Inc.

My husband and I were invited to the course to see its renovation for ourselves and help celebrate the opening of the Murray Golf House as well as dining at Boone’s Restaurant. I can say from our experience that this course will absolutely be the gem of southern golfing once again, just as it was in decades gone by. This new golf complex will honor the memory and legacy of Bobby Jones just as it did in the early 30s.

The Bobby Jones Golf Course Renovation

Located in downtown Atlanta, Bobby Jones Golf Course began as one of the top spots anywhere in the country to golf. Its pristine greens, beautiful views, and challenging play were all well-known among avid golfers. Over the years, the course, unfortunately, fell into a less than favorable condition, and much of its luster was lost. The Bobby Jones Golf Course Foundation, Inc., a group of citizens passionate about restoring the course to its former glory and more began to rehabilitate, redesign, and reimagine this iconic course. Now it is something that just has to be seen and experienced!

The Reversible Course

Today, the course is well on its way to reclaiming its spot as one of the best golf destinations in the country with its revolutionary “reversible” course, which is a 9-hole course that visitors play forwards and backward to make a total of 18 holes. Players won’t simply play the same 9 holes twice, however. When I say this course is revolutionary, I mean it.

The course plays differently going forward than it does when you make your way from the end to the beginning again, offering 18 unique holes in a 9-hole format. In addition, the course is played in different directions on alternating days. In one direction, the course is called Magnolia. In the other direction, the course is called the Azaela. Thanks to this innovative course, Bobby Jones will now be a gem of a course that can be enjoyed by golfers of all skill levels.

Driving Range, Putting Green, and Grand Slam Academy

Designed for both locals and visitors to enjoy, the new driving range and practice facility will allow players of all levels to hone their craft. The driving range and putting greens will help golfers practice two vitally important skills to their game, while the Grand Slam Academy will offer state-of-the-art training to help every player improve.

Housed in the Brady Instructional Center, The Grand Slam Academy features state-of-the-art cameras, TrackMan, and software that displays data and information on bay monitors to help golfers sharpen their skills. PGA and LPGA Instructors also provide instant feedback to improve ball speed, increase carry distance, and many other aspects of a player’s game.

Murray Golf House – Image Credit Bobby Jones Golf Course

The Murray Golf House

In addition to improving a player’s game and offering a truly unique golf course, Bobby Jones Golf Course is also home to the Murray Golf House. The house is set to be the center of golfing in Georgia, serving as the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame and home to the Georgia State Golf Association and Georgia Section of the PGA of America.

A Commitment to Growing Golf in Georgia

Along with the newly-designed course by the late Bob Cupp, cutting-edge practice facilities, and The Murray Golf House, the Bobby Jones Golf Course aims to foster a love of golf in athletes of every age, positioning itself as a golf mecca to both young and old. To that end, the course will also offer golf programs designed to grow golfing in Georgia with a specific focus on juniors as well as adaptive golf. To further grow the game, Bobby Jones Golf Course will offer amazing dining to go with its gorgeous views, high-tech golfing practice facilities, and innovative course.

Our Day at Bobby Jones Golf Course

My husband and I were treated to a day of exploring the course, The Murray Golf House, practice facilities, and a meal at Boone’s Restaurant, which is part of the facility. I cannot stress enough how incredible the experience was. The complete overhaul of the course has already yielded incredible results, and it’s only the beginning for this soon-to-be golf Mecca in the south.

Bobby Jones Golf Course Atlanta

We enjoyed a round of golf on their new course, and it is just as impressive as their website claims. The views are stunning and the gameplay is challenging but not so much that you’ll throw your club into the water.

As you make your way along the course, you’ll be treated to views of the creek that runs through the course as well as forested areas, views of The Murray House, and a general sense of peace and tranquility that makes you forget that you’re playing golf in the heart of Atlanta.

After our round of golf, my husband and I had a delicious meal at Boone’s Restaurant. We enjoyed our food on the patio while listening to live music and taking in a fantastic view of the course. My husband had the Gulf Shrimp Roll, while I opted for the B.L. Fried Green Tomatoes with pimento cheese. And I am here to tell you that we WILL be back to Boone’s sooner than later. Our lunch was absolutely incredible! It was one of those meals that leaves you planning your return before you even leave.

To round out our meal, my husband would do what I suspect any golfing fan would do, order a Bobby Jones cocktail. This peach-infused clover bourbon was all that he expected it to be, warm and comforting. I choose the Low Country Blues featuring a Savannah vodka with blueberry hibiscus, vanilla, and orange bitters. From the presentation of the cocktail to the perfect amount of sweetness from the first sip, this was one delicious drink!

Perfect for a Pure Golf Experience or Romantic Excursion

From the spectacular golfing to the state-of-the-art practice facility, junior golf programs, delicious food, amazing views, and more, Bobby Jones Golf Course is any golf lover’s dream. My husband and I went to the course just thinking we’d take in some golf and have a meal, but as we sat on the patio and looked out over the course, I was struck by how romantic this venue can be, as well. It’s the perfect place for a day of pure golf or as an amazing romantic excursion.

The Bobby Jones Golf Course Foundation, Inc. definitely knew what they were doing when they took on this renovation. I have rarely been to a place that was so incredibly well thought out and executed as this golf facility is. If you’re a golf lover, be sure you check out this golfing gem in Atlanta. They’ve done an amazing job, and I think Bobby Jones would be incredibly proud.

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