Escape Real Life with a Stay in the Blue Ridge Treehouse

Ahhhhh-the joy of being a child again.  That is how I felt when my husband and I got to stay in the Blue Ridge Treehouse.  Memories came flooding back to a time that I so fondly remember.

I can recall the days of my childhood like they happened yesterday.  We had an enormous backyard and a BIG house with a secret little room under the stairs that I used as my clubhouse.  My sister and I created all sorts of games that we played to entertain ourselves in the days of no technology. One of our favorite places to play was my father’s garden.  He had planted an enormous vegetable garden full of all his favorites like corn and okra.  My sister and I had plenty of fun playing hide and seek among the corn stalks.

But there was one special place that we called our treehouse.  Although it was not technically a real treehouse, our imaginations lead us to believe that the willow tree in our backyard was the perfect treehouse for us.  My sister and I spent many hours hiding among the  Weeping Willow. It’s branches created a protective canopy that was perfect for holding secret meetings and climbing.  It was our “treehouse,” and she was loved very much.

As one would expect, I grew older, and we moved away.  The days of my treehouse adventures were over, or at least I thought.  Within recent years we have seen a revival (in my mind) of treehouses.  Adults are rediscovering their youth and building treehouses to enjoy.

Recently my husband and I had the opportunity to visit the Blue Ridge Treehouse at Bear Claw Vineyards in Blue Ridge, Georgia.  Nestled among the trees overlooking a working vineyard, this beautiful treehouse is the perfect place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of real life.   Located off the beaten path and close to downtown Blue Ridge, GA, you will experience your little piece of heaven at the treehouse resort.


Bear Claw Vineyards, scheduled to open to the public in September of 2017, is owned and ran by Michelle and Kevin Swim.  They have a love for wine, and they want to bring that passion to the public by providing wine that is as authentic and as real as one can get.  We will tell you more about the vineyard in a later blog post.  Today, we want to focus on a fun looking whimsical treehouse (think Dr. Seuss and Swiss Family Robinson)  nestled in the beautiful Northeast Georgia mountains.

With a beautiful property full of walnut, pine, oak and maple trees, Michelle contacted the Tree House Guys to design their first treehouse.  Wanting a treehouse that would “become the be all, end all place for friends and family to gather on the cool fall nights the Blue Ridge Mountains,”  the Treehouse Guys created an amazing customized treehouse for guests to enjoy.

With a copper-tin roof, crooked windows, and barn doors, the 300 square foot treehouse is situated 15 feet high among real living oak trees that gently sway in the breeze.  It is nothing short of luxurious.

A queen-sized loft bed with a bear theme is located above the open treehouse.  To reach it all you have to do is step one foot at a time on this winding staircase.  Although it may look like you may fall, you won’t.  Plus when you get to the top, you are going to ENJOY the view!

Downstairs you will find plenty of room and plenty of amenities that make you feel like you have not left home.  The kitchen includes a dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and toaster oven.  They even provide guests with a Keurig machine featuring an assortment of coffee.

Guests can enjoy wine from their Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator.

Staying connected even though you are located off the beaten path is a breeze with WiFi high-speed internet and television.  Plus, even if it is the dead middle of summer and the days and nights are heating up, you are going to stay cool with their remote control state of the art Daikin HVAC system.

Traveling with more than just your sweetheart?  That is not a problem here.  Downstairs is a leather couch with a Queen Sleeper Bed that provides plenty of room for a family or a group of friends.

 My post would not be complete if I did not tell you about their steam shower with massage jets.   This space looking capsule is the ultimate when it comes to bathing.  You have to experience this!

Relax for a while on the enormous front porch featuring rocking chairs and breathtaking views of the Little Sugar Creek and Bear Claw Vineyards.  The sunset from here is spectacular, and you can’t forget to enjoy a blazing fire under the night sky.

My husband and I enjoyed our romantic night in this treehouse.  The weather was perfect and the moon and stars were out providing for a tranquil night outside by the fire roasting marshmallows and enjoying a glass of wine.  It is easy to sit back and unwind with the sounds of nature surrounding you, the trickling sounds of the water in the creek, and the moonlit views of the vineyard.   The Blue Ridge Treehouse is the perfect getaway for couples and families.

You can catch the Treehouse Guys on the DIY Network.  Be sure to tune in so you can see for yourself this magical place that will help transport you back to a time of carefree fun.

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  1. jasminekeclipse says
    I love this so much! I really want to do one of these treehouse hotel stays, I think it would be so much fun!
    1. Amy Van Riel says
      We would love to have you visit us!
  2. Amber says
    This is so neat and unique. I'd enjoy staying here. I'm always a fan of roasting marshmallows!
    1. Amy Van Riel says
      Marshmallows are a must!
  3. alisonrost says
    How cool is this!? I'd so love to stay there one day. It reminds me of a house friends built in the woods. One side is all glass and it really feels like you're right there in the trees!
  4. Tami @ ThisMomsDelight says
    Treehouses were always so much fun in my childhood. As an adult, I would never imagine staying in one again. I'd love to visit the Blue Ridge Treehouse at Bear Claw Vineyards. It sounds like such a memorable experience.
    1. Amy Van Riel says
      It is an experience like no other! Where an adult can be a kid!
  5. Censie Sawyer says
    Wow! What a great getaway!! This is totally my kind of weekend away. My husbands too. I could see us enjoying this for a couples weekend or my BFF and I doing a girls weekend! Looks like so much fun!
  6. Louise x (@withlovefromlou) says
    Oh wow, how different is this?! I would have loved this as a kid, and I think my two would enjoy staying here now. It sounds like you guys had a fantastic night when you stayed there :)
  7. I love this! I am going to have to check this out! I've always wanted to stay in a treehouse!
    1. Amy Van Riel says
      You should most definitely check us out! You will not regret it!
  8. The Mad Mommy says
    What an amazing place! This would be an incredible place for a weekend getaway or an anniversary trip with my husband. It looks so peaceful and almost fairytale-ish.
  9. Krysti Jaims says
    I've always wanted to stay in a treehouse! What a great experience. Love the photos.
  10. This looks like a truly amazing place for a family vacation. I love the mountains of North Georgia. The treehouse is a childhood dream updated for adults. I would love to stay there and check out the new winery. We will have to drive up and check it out in September.
  11. interNATionalcaty says
    A treehouse uh. Very interesting! I did like the bottle of wine though lol
  12. militaryfamof8 says
    I love the tree house and everything about it, especially the non-treehouse shower! It looks like an amazing stay!
  13. rochkirstin says
    Wow! I have never seen what an inside of a real treehouse looks like. Often we just watch them from movies. How many people can fit in?
    1. Leigh Anne says
      You can easily fit a family of five in it. Two can sleep comfortably upstairs and three on the sleeper couch. You may even be able to get in two more depending on who you are traveling with.
  14. Blair Villanueva says
    Omg this is a beautiful and very cozy treehouse. If I could build this in the city, i would be happy to live in there :)
  15. waitingforrain28 says
    Omg! This is so cool! I always see pictures of those neat treehouses, but never realized that you could stay in one for a bit.
  16. Jennifer says
    Now this is SO COOL!! I'll admit, though, I am a little scared of heights so I would be a little scared, but I would still try it out because it looks amazing! I know my family would want to stay in a real treehouse, too. My husband and teens love treehouses!
  17. Yona Williams says
    I never got to experience a real treehouse when I was younger. The whole concept of staying in one is something I would love to do. I think the staircase within the treehouse is just magical. It's really cool how there are so many modern amenities incorporated inside the treehouse.
  18. Wow, a piece of heaven indeed. I wouldn't care to spend a month or so in here. And it clearly shows that you and your husband are enjoying the tree house' romantic ambiance! I'd love to be there too!
  19. keepupwiththejonesfamilyblog says
    We never had a treehouse either - but like you we had a place that we pretended was just that! This place is breathtaking - the view in the trees? I wanted to pack my suitcase and head over as soon as I saw it.
  20. caseyp1110 says
    I would absolutely love this place! Spectacular space!!!
  21. Ronnie says
    Being fortunate enough to stay in a few tree houses this year myself I would recommend it to anyone.
  22. Rosie says
    This looks so fun and comfy, too! What a great find! Growing up, one of the kids in our neighborhood made a double decker tree fort, we all spent so much time there. A grown up version sounds just as good!
  23. Curtis Miller says
    A tree house, and a winery... Boy howdy See you there!!
  24. katie says
    Wow that tree house looks amazing on the inside! Much better looking than my kitchen. I would have so much fun relaxing out there.

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