Blog Life University is coming to Atlanta! Are you in?

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As a classroom teacher, I know how important it is to stay abreast of the current trends. Attending conferences and workshops ignite a passion from within and help me to provide the very best to my students.

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If you are a blogger then you know how important it is to connect with fellow bloggers and share ideas. When we collaborate with one another, growth happens!

At Blog Life University this year you can learn more about:

Monetizing your blog

Making your posts go viral

Rocking it With Brands

Anatomy of a Perfect Pin

Pitching Sponsored Posts

Publishing E Books

Taking Photos from BLAH to Beautiful


I am happy to announce that I am an ambassador for this year’s Blog Life University Conference that is coming to Atlanta from July 20 through the 23. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity to grow as a blogger. Come and ignite that passion for blogging once again! As a conference ambassador I can offer my friends and readers a $100 discount. Just follow the link here and use code BLU16 I hope to see you there! 

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Want a chance to WIN your way there?

Dixie Crystals is sponsoring the ultimate Blog Life Conference contest.  All you have to do is create a unique recipe around this year’s theme of Sweet and Southern Desserts….the only rule is to use at least 1 tablespoon of sugar.  Don’t delay because this contest ends at midnight 7/10/16.  All winners will be secretly notified by 7/19/16 so don’t wait to get your conference ticket.  The official Grand Prize winner will be announced during the Dixie Crystal’s Sweet Spa Reception Friday night.

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  1. momknowsbest15 says
    So many great conferences. I just need more money and time to attend them all.
  2. annalisanuttall says
    Good luck with this :) xx
  3. Elizabeth O. says
    That's a very nice event especially for bloggers who want to learn more about using their blogs as a source of income. It's going to help encourage other people to start their own blogs as well.
  4. AlainaBullock1 says
    I saw the information on this just the other day, I really am thinking about going. It's just a couple of hours from where I live.
  5. Cindy Ingalls says
    I always hear great things about blogging conferences. This one looks like it's packed full of great speakers.
  6. ronnkelly3 says
    I was thinking about going to this conference. I just need to see if I can clear my schedule for that week.
  7. Carol Cassara (@ccassara) says
    Sounds like such a great program. I think new bloggers who are interested in monetizing should definitely attend it.
  8. mskathykenny says
    It's pretty nice to have something like this. I wish we had blogging things when I was still in college. I would have rocked it.
  9. Nicole Escat says
    Oh, this is super nice. I wish we have this in our country too. I want to learn more about blogging.
  10. Fashion Travels (@tauyanm) says
    congratulations for being an ambassador! nice to know that they are doing this kind of event for bloggers and for you to share it with everyone the success!
  11. Nikki Jenner says
    Blog Life University? Sounds like a great conference! I would love to attend to this.
  12. Angie@chasingmyhalo says
    I love Blog conferences! I wish I could afford to travel for this one. I've never been to Atlanta either!
  13. Courtney Gillard says
    I want to see this conference, I hope that they will expand soon. You are so lucky to attend.
  14. Amy Jones says
    This is a perfect opportunity for new bloggers to learn their ways in the business
  15. This sounds great! I wonder if there is something like this in Seattle?
  16. Kathy says
    That would be so great! This is such an amazing opportunity to go. I wish they had one closer though. It's still a great giveaway for those close by!
  17. lalainemanalo says
    Oh wow! I wish I knew about this conference sooner, I would have loved to go. I don't think I have enough to get things together now to make the trip :(
  18. Inspiring Kitchen says
    This conference sounds exciting and fun. I'm sure there are so many things you can learn from this. I wish we had conferences like this here.
  19. Aziel Morte says
    This is a great opportunity to the bloggers, Glad you share this
  20. Jessica Hughes says
    This sounds like so much fun and such a great opportunity
  21. uprunforlife says
    I would love to go to a conferencethis year. I was lucky enough to go to Disney Social Media moms last summer. It was a blast. I couldn't find a conference close to home. :(
  22. Ronnie says
    To all you bloggers this is a must
  23. Shannon Peterson says
    This is definitely a conference I would like to go to! Maybe next year!
  24. She rocks the suburbs says
    Sounds like a fun experience, have so much fun!
  25. Rosey says
    I've never been to a blog conference. If you're going t go though, might as well make it Hotlanta! :)
  26. Jay Simms says
    I'm not to far from Atlanta. I think I might try and attend this one. It would be my first.
  27. That sounds fascinating. I hope to keep up with it online if possible.
  28. Sounds like a great conference! So many I'd love to attend...
  29. Rika (@thedealmatch) says
    Sounds like a great event. I won't be able to attend this year.
  30. Krystal @ Sunny Sweet Days says
    Love the speaker line up, but unfortunately I can't make it. It would be a fun road trip from Florida though!
  31. ana fernandez says
    I would love to win that conference pass! It is an amazing evnt

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