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Many years ago, I recall a conversation I had with one of my friends that had just lost a parent.  This was such a difficult time in her life, but she sought comfort in something left behind by her father, his Bible.  This was not just any ordinary Bible, but this was one that was loved and used.  She knew that because it was not new.  The cover and pages were worn.  Notes were written throughout the entire Bible, as well as many prayers left behind.  My friend sought comfort in this Bible and she reflected on the fact that she would once again be united with her father once she got to Heaven.  That one conversation left such a mark on me.  It made me consider my own legacy that I was leaving behind for my children and loved ones.  Of course, I read my Bible and write notes to myself throughout the margins as I listen to the Word being taught or what God reveals to me in quiet time.  Those notes are very dear to my heart.


Could my kids get my Bible and see the love I had for my King?  Would they be able to pick up my Bible and see that it was more than just a book on the shelf?  Would they be able to tell them I used that book to live my life?  From that moment on I knew it would be important for me to begin Bible journaling.


Bible Journaling

What is Bible journaling?  It is a way to show your love of the Word by drawing pictures or writing words on the pages of the Bible where you are inspired. It helps you to engage with the Bible and God’s word in a powerful and meaningful way.  Now I realize this is not for everyone, and that is okay.  But if you are the creative kind and want to celebrate God’s love in a new and refreshing way, I want to encourage you to consider bible journaling.

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I want to encourage you to consider purchasing or making yourself a Bible Journaling kit.  Create your own work of art on the pages of your favorite Bible. Draw, color, or journal your thoughts, dreams, and prayers. Highlight your favorite verses or the encouragements that speak to your heart with pencils, stickers, and tabs. We recommend your kit including such items as:

Sheets of word stickers

Sheets of alphabet stickers

Tab stickers

Colored pencil twists

Journaling pen

Pouch with adjustable strap to fit Bibles of all sizes

Ruled page protector mat with tracing lines


If your looking to give this as a gift this holiday season, this one is perfect! Create a work of art on the pages of your favorite Bible. Draw, color, or journal your thoughts, dreams, and prayers. This kit includes 8 colored pencil twists that never need sharpening, 1 archival quality journaling pen, 4 sheets of inspirational word stickers, 4 sheets of alphabet stickers, 24 tab stickers to mark special passages, and a ruled page protector mat with die-cut edge for tracing lines. The kit also includes a Philippians 4:3 “Whatever Is Lovely”-inspired pouch that has an adjustable strap to fit most Bibles—perfectly sized to store your pencils, pens, and tabs!

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  1. cgmjemus says
    This is such a beautiful thing. The idea of leaving a heritage for your children using the word of God is so rich with love. With the added value of while doing this you will grow closer with our Lord. Thank You for sharing God Bless you and your Family..
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