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City BBQ

Oh boy!  It is time to chow down on some delicious barbecue fellow Atlantians!  I know you have got plenty of barbeque places to choose from in the area, but you just can’t go wrong with Atlanta’s City Barbeque!  Located on Johns Creek Parkway, the folks at City Barbeque wake up early to make Atlanta’s best barbeque, slow-smoking award-winning meats and crafting homemade sides and desserts.  With 3 onsite smokers that run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you are going to have an endless supply of delicious barbeque!

What style of barbeque do you serve?

Ours.  We started City Barbeque with a roster of tested, award-winning competition recipes, but we’re continually tweaking and re-testing to make sure the ‘que we serve is the straight-up best barbeque around. Even if our ‘que reminds you of the best brisket you had in Texas, or incredible pulled pork from the Carolinas: other than “the best BBQ,” we don’t limit ourselves to any particular region or style.

City BBQ

Is everything really smoked on-site?

You betcha! Every City Barbeque joint has three smokers on-site. We feed them local hickory wood and never turn them off: they’re working 24 hours to smoke all our award-winning barbeque. And don’t forget our scratch-made sides and desserts! Our teams in every joint whip them all up fresh every day, too.

What’s the deal with your ribs?

We serve St. Louis–cut pork ribs. You may hear us refer to them as “bite off the bone,” rather than “fall off the bone.” Fact of the matter is, barbeque competition standards say you should be able to bite a rib, pull away the meat with your teeth with a gentle lil’ tug, and see a bite mark from where you took that bite. (Hard to visualize? Honestly, the easiest way to picture it is to go to City Barbeque, buy a slab, and test it for yourself). If ribs are falling off the bone,
they’re overcooked.

Is your barbeque served with sauce on it?

Barbeque is personal and folks have feelings about sauce, so our beef brisket, pulled pork, smoked turkey, and smoked sausage are served without it. Sauce things up at our sauce station or leave your BBQ bare, it’s up to you! Our pulled chicken is served with a white ‘Bama barbeque sauce mixed in; our smoked chicken and St. Louis–cut ribs are both brushed with a touch of our Original sauce.
City BBQ

What on your menu is gluten-free?

All of our meats are gluten-free. Celiac-safe sides include our baked beans with brisket, green beans with bacon, collard greens with pork, famous potato salad, sweet vinegar slaw, and seasonal cukes n’ onions.

City BBQ

City Barbeque is more than just another BBQ joint in the area, it’s what BBQ dreams are made of! They offer a wide selection of barbeque favorites such as ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork, turkey breast, pulled chicken, and more.  With a great smoky barbeque flavor and an inviting atmosphere with excellent service, you won’t be disappointed!

Here are Our Top 10 Reasons to Chow Down at City Barbeque

1.  Every day, at every restaurant, their teams slow-smoke award-winning barbeque and craft
homemade sides and desserts from scratch.
2.  City Barbeque has been winning awards for its smoked meats since its founding in 1999: its brisket was named American Royal Invitational World Champion Brisket by the Kansas City Barbeque Society, and the restaurant’s smoked turkey has been recognized by the National Turkey Foundation.
3.   City Barbeque has also been recognized as one of the best barbeque spots in America by Men’s Journal and named by Business Insider as having some of the nation’s best barbeque.

4.   Friendly catering experts make every event — from formal wedding receptions to casual backyard get togethers — flawless and fun. They have even won numerous awards for their personalized, affordable catering.

5.  They give back to their local communities!  During their opening week at their 2nd location in Atlanta, the joint partnered with a different local nonprofit organization every day of their opening week.  One that really made us smile was their commitment to give 10% of its Grand Opening sales to The Variety of Georgia, a local charity dedicated to assisting the treatment and care for children with special needs.  The funds raised from the Grand Opening event will go towards the first Variety inclusive playground at Piedmont Park, designed for children with all types of challenges, interests, and abilities, ensuring the playground will go beyond ADA standards and address different types of disabilities (


6. The City Barbeque menu features an assortment of perfectly smoked meats, including beef brisket, pulled pork, turkey breast, smoked chicken, and smoked sausage, served with the choice of eight different sauces.

7.  More Cowbell Sandwich!  Named one of the Best Sandwiches in America by Restaurant Hospitality magazine.

8.  Scratch-made sides like sweet vinegar slaw, corn pudding, and potato salad are made in-house every day, along with homemade favorites such as creamy mac & cheese, hand-dipped hush puppies, and baked beans with brisket. Fresh salads and homemade desserts round out the regular menu.

9.  They offer rotating seasonal menu items, including smoked salmon and fried catfish during Lent and whole smoked turkeys and hams available for pre-order at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  The current seasonal menu offers Brisket Tacos, Cukes n’ Onions, and Citrus Pecan Slaw. City Barbeque is available for dine-in or take out and provides award-winning catering for weddings, graduations, office parties, reunions, and holiday dinners.

10.  They offer craft beers!


City Barbeque teammates provide a competition-quality barbeque and genuine backyard hospitality; to improving themselves and their processes a little every day; and to stay true to their purpose: to serve and create happiness. For more information, visit


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