Arm & Hammer Summer Camp

Hey parents, want to hear a secret? ARM & HAMMER Summer Camp is coming July 27!  This FREE, on-demand virtual summer camp looks, feels and sounds like it’s all about your kids, but the truth is…it’s also about you. This summer, they’ve done the prep and the planning so you can kick back and enjoy.

From the science of baking to the art of slime-making, Arm & Hammer Summer Camp brings to life kid-friendly recipes, crafts and science experiments through daily playlists that empower kids to learn and create…but also gives you 5 minutes to answer an email.


ARM & HAMMER Summer Camp

    • 15 Dynamic Videos: Each day, Arm & Hammer will share a YouTube playlist of three videos that guide kids through a recipe, experiment, or craft.
    • Downloadable Instructions: Each video is accompanied by downloadable PDFs with full instructions so kids can spend less time in front of a screen, and more time creating!
    • Flexibility for Parents: Parents have the flexibility to choose if they want to participate in the fun or opt to watch from afar as their kids take the lead.
Craft Image – Credit_ Amber Kemp-Gertsel

ARM & HAMMER Summer Camp Counselors

Arm & Hammer’s team of savvy parent influencers teamed up to create kid’s activities with parents in mind!

Amber Kemp-Gertsel, DIY “Craftavist”: A finalist on NBC’s Making It and a self-proclaimed PhDIY, Amber is an expert on all things cute, creative, and crafty.

Ana Dziengel, STEAM Camp Organizer: Ana is passionate about STEAM education and helping the next generation grow and develop through creative endeavors.

Beau Coffron, AKA LunchBox Dad: A devoted foodie, Beau shares his (almost) too-cute-to-eat food creations on his viral Instagram.

Looks fun, right?  The ARM & HAMMER Summer Camp runs from July 27 to  July 31.  Parents can register for FREE by visiting   You’ll find all the ARM & HAMMER Summer Camp fun at their YouTube Channel here.

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