An Adventure in a box, that’s what Peach Dish is!



This week we are cooking up some delicious meals from PeachDish for our “date nights.” Described “as an adventure in a box,” PeachDish helps you prepare mouth-watering and fulfilling home cooked meals for two. When you order a PeachDish box, you are sent recipe cards and ALL the ingredients for 2 dinners .  All you have to do is make the time to prepare the food!


So how does PeachDish work? 

Each week PeachDish offers 8 dishes to choose from ranging from vegetarian to an animal-protein based.  You select the recipes that appeal to you and then you sit back and let PeachDish do the rest for you.  They work with a variety of suppliers to bring you the freshest and best ingredients to prepare your special meals.  Check out their suppliers here!  With suppliers like Serenbe  Farms to Springer Mountain Farms, you know you are getting the very best!  Meals are shipped out from Atlanta, Georgia , and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

One of the things that I fell in love with instantly is the care that they take in packaging your meals.  Everything is labeled and neatly packed.  I am telling you, they make it SO EASY for you to cook these extraordinary meals in your own kitchen!



For our review we selected the following two recipes:

IMG_7647 (1)

Beef Hot Pot with Asian Greens, Ginger & Potatoes

Curry Spiced Chicken with Saffron-Barberry




I am looking forward to reporting back to you with the results!  I know you are going to fall in love with them just like we have!

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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  1. cgmjemus says
    These sound so good and look amazing. I am kind of a "judge" of packaging. and they have done an outstanding job. You can truly tell much about a company in how they present the product. Nothing but quality here.
  2. Ronnie says
    I actually tried this and it turned out great, it was delicious . The instructions were easy to follow.
  3. Sara Parker says
    I love that the ingredients are local, and I love the name. Best of all, it looks like dessert is included!
  4. Rose Lindsey says
    I think this is an Awesome Idea especially for the ones who are learning to cook, or for busy families. I have been one to say I wish everything was already measured and ready to cook.
  5. dementeddoll says
    i have friends that use them, but since hubs does all the cooking, i have no say!! lucky me!!
  6. Lyss Huenniger says
    I think this is great if you are learning how to cook using different ingredients or are a college student. This program would make it easy to try new things and eat healthy at the same time! I should give it a try soon.
  7. heatherrhenry says
    Oh I love this! Would make coming home after a long day so much easier. Meal planning is the hardest part of cooking, in my opinion.
  8. Heather L says
    this sounds super fun for learning how to cook new dishes or breaking out of a rut. Honestly though, since we choose to be on a fairly tight budget, it wouldn't be for us at the moment. I do like that it doesn't look like a subscription that you're locked into, so it would be easy to get just one for a special occasion.

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