8 Simple Tools for Raising Great Kids


“I love my child, but parenting is hard.”

Parenting is tough!  As a mother, I know how tiring it can be. As a teacher, I hear the stories often of the real struggles you face.   I know how we find ourselves believing that we aren’t doing it right!  Nearly everyone of us would say we love our kids unconditionally, but we find that this is the hardest job we truly have in life.


Today’s world, as it was many years ago, is a struggle.  We face battles daily in our homes, workplace, and schools. It certainly isn’t limited to those locations though.  As a Christian, life is even harder as we face persecution throughout the globe.  As a child today, there are many additional challenges.


I was fortunate to grow up in a God fearing, Christian loving family.  Today though, it is different.  Our children live in a day and age when things are instant, and that includes the pain associated with peers and just understanding your place in this world.   They are exposed to so much more than we ever were!  Frankly, that is scary!  Equipping them with the tools to face life the way God intends for them to is priceless.


We all want to improve our relationships with our kids.  The way to get that is to work at creating that positive relationship.  This book is a handbook for parents.   Although I feel that most of the rules provided were rules the majority of us live by, the book does serve as a reminder to what we SHOULD be doing.  If you are seeking to improve your relationship and feel you need some tools, this is an excellent book to go to get some time tested real life applications.


Whether you find parenting intuitive or impossible, we could all use a hand here and there. Let child psychologist and father Todd Cartmell walk you through the nuts and bolts of healthy, effective parenting.

Using examples from his home and 20 years of professional practice, Todd gives eight essential and practical tools to help you:

Maintain a healthy relationship with your child 

Develop a nurturing home culture 

Correct behavior in lasting ways

Designed for busy parents, 8 Simple Tools breaks each tool into five short chapters that include a summary tip and application questions. Use even half of the tools in your parenting, and your family dynamics will thrive. Your relationship with your child will be built on love and trust, providing you with fertile ground for planting God’s wisdom in their heart, and ultimately, seeing them flourish.


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Disclaimer:  I received the book “8 Simple Tools” at no charge to me in exchange for my review.  All opinions are my own.

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    Simple is the best way just be yourself. Don't try to be a super parent be a Godly parent.
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    A book every parent should read

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