MISSION: THANK YOU, Nominate a Veteran

Harley-Davidson believes that every American should be able to experience the profound freedom of motorcycle riding, especially those who risk their lives to protect our freedom. To show its appreciation and support for military personnel, Harley-Davidson has partnered with Adam Sandoval, founder of ScootinAmerica, and the Wounded Warrior Project for a cross-country ride where they will give away new motorcycles to eight lucky veterans. Adam recently spoke with us to about this project —MISSION: “THANK YOU”— and his upcoming stop in Los Angeles.

Q: How did your journey begin?

AS: I hit the road in November 2014 with my Chihuahua, Scooter, to visit every Harley-Davidson dealership in the lower 48 states to raise awareness and money for our military and their families. A lot of bikers are veterans, and riding is sort-of wind therapy, especially for those with PTSD. Scooter and I rode over 80,000 miles during our two-year journey, raising $300,000 in donations in the process.


AS: Scooter and I are hitting the road with Harley-Davidson to thank those who have protected our freedom. We’ll be honoring a total of eight deserving members of the military with a free motorcycle powered by the new Harley-Davidson Milwaukee Eight Engine. I think this might be the most impactful trip of my life.

Q: You already kicked off the tour in San Diego. What was the first stop like?

A: It was great. I had the pleasure of presenting Shane Kruchten with a new motorcycle during my time there. He was wounded while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and riding his Harley-Davidson helped him cope with his PTSD. The experience was a reminder of why I started my journey back in 2014, and it’s great to partner with Harley-Davidson to do this for veterans. I can’t wait to do it again in L.A.

Q: Why did you choose to partner with Harley-Davidson on MISSION: “THANK YOU”?

AS: Harley-Davidson does so much for our veterans and active military. For example, they offer the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy New Rider Course at a discounted rate for military personnel and first responders and their spouses. There’s also Operation Extend the Ride, which extends factory warranties by the number of days you’re deployed. As a Harley-Davidson rider myself, it was an obvious choice to partner with them for a cause I’m so passionate about.

Q: How can people get involved with MISSION: “THANK YOU”?

AS: Folks can go to my website, AdamSandovalRides.com, until early November to nominate deserving military personnel. They can even nominate themselves! A panel consisting of representatives from the Wounded Warrior Project, veterans working at Harley-Davidson and myself will select seven more military members to surprise with a new motorcycle this summer and fall, with the final bike being awarded in New York City on Veterans Day prior to the world’s largest Veterans parade. I also urge everyone to listen to the stories of any veterans they know, follow my ride on social media and share the mission with their friends.

Veteran Shane Kruchten was the first recipient on the MISSION: THANK YOU tour and was honored at a ceremony in San Diego in May.

This summer Adam Sandoval is hitting the road with Harley-Davidson for a cross-country ride to honor those who have served and give away bikes to eight lucky vets.

Adam is an avid H-D rider, and he and his chihuahua Scooter have crossed the country in support of military vets. His ScootinAmerica initiative has raised awareness for several veterans organizations, and he’s honored to partner with H-D to bring relief to more riders. He understands that riding can be a relaxing, restorative hobby for vets, especially for those suffering from PTSD.

Anyone can nominate an active military member or veteran to MISSION: THANK YOU by submitting their story of sacrifice, strength and courage to http://missionthankyou.com. Adam will be part of the group reviewing and selecting deserving patriots for the award.

Follow the mission on adamsandovalrides.com or on Facebook or Twitter.



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  1. momknowsbest15 says
    What a cool thing for this company to do. I know lots of veterans so I will pass this on to them
  2. Helene Cohen Bludman says
    This is a wonderful way to honor our vets. There are so many who deserve this award.
  3. Sarah Bailey says
    Oh wow what an amazing thing for them to be doing and a great way to honour some amazing people.
  4. Carol Cassara says
    Such a lovely way to thank them for their service and to show how much we appreciate them. This is definitely a lovely project and I'm sure a lot of veterans will be touched when they see that people are honoring them for their service.
  5. theterrificfive says
    This is a very nice way for the company to show their appreciation for the vets. Hopefully it'll continue as it's very touching.
  6. nottypicalwineguy says
    This is a great way to say Thank you! Great movement you are creating.
  7. Jennifer says
    My husband is an Army veteran (served 8.5 years) and I've never heard of this project by Adam Sandoval. I think it's a great cause he is raising awareness for. I would definitely like to see something like this for my husband because he could benefit from it.
  8. Karlyn cruz says
    It such a brilliant way to thank them. I really enjoyed reading your post. It's really great and enjoy reading!
  9. Anosa says
    Never knew about Harley Davidson's and Adam Sandoval's partnership. Such a nice initiative. Will definitely share this so that those who are from the military and army will know more about this.
  10. Natasha says
    I have Veterans in my family and really I just honor all that have served in this was. This is a great way to show appreciation.
  11. Wildish Jess says
    Oh wow! I know a lot of Veterans who would love to be part of this. I will have to share them.

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