Experience Charlotte’s Web in a Natural Setting


We have the perfect summer activity for your kids this summer.  Why not check out Serenbe Playhouse.  This summer they will perform the beloved children’s classic, Charlotte’s Web.

On Serenbe’s vibrant farm, bustling with life, growth and enduring love, what more natural tale to tell than that of Charlotte’s Web adapted from E.B. White’s classic children’s book. Wilbur, a charismatic young pig wants desperately to avoid the fate of bacon and ham, and his friend Charlotte, the literate spider, has a plan. Endearing characters tell truths of life, death and harsh realities, as the unlikely duo ultimately proves that love conquers all when you surrender to your fate and bolster the courage to find your place in the world. This well-known tale will come to life like you’ve never seen before, surrounded by live animals and vibrant farmland in one of Serenbe’s most charming features — the animal village. Your heart will be warmed as you watch Charlotte’s Web alongside piglets, ducks, cows, horses, and surely a friendly spider or two.


“This classic tale has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember,” says director Ryan Oliveti – Artistic Associate at Serenbe Playhouse. “From the book, to the movie, to the play itself, this story has touched people in so many generations and I’m excited to give it a true Serenbe treatment – outdoors surrounded by real life animals! After all, what is more magical than watching Charlotte’s Web just a few feet from a real pig? In addition to the setting, this version will feature a talented cast of actors playing live folk music to give the production a true home-made, down on the farm feel. All of these elements will combine to create a memorable experience for the entire family this summer!”

Show dates and times for Charlotte’s Web are Fridays & Saturdays at 11am and Sundays at 2pm, May 27th – July 31st at The Animal Village in Serenbe (10950 Hutchesons Ferry Road, Chattahoochee Hills, GA 30268). Tickets are $10 for children 12 and under, $20 for adults, and $15 for students/seniors.


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  1. Sara Zielinski says
    I love charlotte's web, such a cute story.
  2. gracefulcoffee says
    Such a great book! Thanks for sharing.
  3. This looks awesome! Sounds like a great experience.
  4. Ashley Chassereau Parks says
    How fun!! My daughter is 5 and read Charlotte's Web this year! (We homeschool and finding things on her reading level that aren't too mature are hard!) She LOVED the book so much! I know she would get so much out of seeing this!!
  5. Jan Lee says
    I just commented on this post on your Facebook page, lol I would love to see this if I lived closer :) I remember reading and loving Charlotte's Web as a child!
  6. Paula Hogsed says
    Oh now this looks like fun! <3
  7. tiffany dayton says
    I think kids of all ages would love this.
  8. Susan Hartman says
    Charlottes Web was my favorite childrens book when I was growing up. Im a grandma now so that was quite some time ago!
  9. Penny Olson says
    Looks great. Wish it was close to me.
  10. slehan says
    I"d love to see this in person.
  11. Jerry Marquardt says
    I thought that the Experience Charlotte’s Web in a Natural Setting was wonderful. I really enjoyed reading this today.
  12. Hannah C says
    I love Charlotte's Web so this would be awesome to see in person.

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