4 Simple Ways to Use BitMojis in the Classroom

Summer’s coming to an end and it is time to start thinking about your classroom.  If you are anything like me, you’ve already been thinking about your classroom for the next year-long before summer even started.  I have lots of pins and posts I have saved things I MUST use or do in the coming school year.  One trend I have noticed teachers using is BitMojis.  Never thought of using BitMojis in the classroom?  Maybe you should! There’s a Bitmoji for so many expressions that are relatable to students and they really are a great way to really personalize your class presentations, activities, rules, etc…  Plus, they’re cute! We’ve rounded up  4 simple ways to use BitMojis in the classroom.

What are BitMojis?

FREE personal cartoon avatars that you create, Bitmojis are a great visual tool for enhancing lessons and other areas of your classroom.

Where do I find BitMojis?

Download the app on your device through your app or play store.

You can also add an extension to Google that allows you to use them in emails and more.

 4 Ways to Use Bitmojis in the Classroom

Procedures: Bitmojis can be used to post procedures and expectations around the classroom.   Below you will see one I created to provide a visual for students when I am working with a small group.


We’ve made the “When is it okay to interrupt?BitMoji poster available to our readers and followers on Teachers Pay Teachers for FREE!  Head here to get your poster and edit away!

Presentations: Bitmojis are a great way to give a presentation a little more excitement.  With so many expressions and phrases available through BitMoji, you are bound to find one to fit the lesson or point you are trying to get across.

Encouragement: Use BitMojis to encourage students through rewards, certificates, stickers, etc..  It is a simple way to add a little fun character to uplift a student.

Student Response: Create various student response cards for students to use in class such a s yes/no or true/false.  Simply glue the BitMoji to a craft stick and watch students engage!  Depending on your student ages and /or specific county guidelines, students can create their own BitMojis to use in class.


Do you have another idea for how they can be used?  We’d love to hear it!



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