Color Me Rad 5K Columbus March 12

Did your family set some New Year’s resolutions to become more active and healthy?  I know my family has set these goals for this year, and we have been working hard by counting calories and taking the time to get out and excercise.  I am happy to say that we are doing much better than we have ever done, and I believe that is because we are in it together! It’s easier when you all hold each other accountable.

If your family made that resolution but jumped off the fitness train a little too early, there is still plenty of time to get back on track!  Of course there are other ways that your family or even you can become active this Winter and Spring.  Here are a few that you might find helpful:

Couch to 5K Programs:  There are several of these programs available for you to use.  Check your app store to find one that works for you.  Some of these programs are free.

Moms Run This Town (MRTT):  This online support group was actually started by a mom in Newnan, Georgia.  With local chapters across the country, I am sure you can find one that interests you.  This group strives to be a support group for moms that like to run and/or walk.

Girls on the Run:  Their mission is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident while integrating running as a part of the program.

Let’s Move  Federal governments’ online program

Whether you have been on the fitness train for quite some time or just beginning as my family, becoming an active, healthy family is priceless.  How about doing something even more fun and participating as a family in a 5K!  A Color Me Rad 5K to be exact!

My family recently had the opportunity to participate in the Color Me Rad 5K event in Columbus, Georgia and we had a great time creating memories!


Here is my honest take on a Color Me Rad 5k event:

The overall atmosphere of the event reels you in from the very start.  As you approach the starting line and hear the music and the crowd, you can’t help but want to take your place and get started.  The representatives do a great job of promoting and hyping you up!

 If you are able to pick up your registration packet ahead of time, that is ideal!  That way you can be ready and not have to make a trip back to your car before the race starts.  If you can’t, you can still pick up the day of the event.  Allow yourself PLENTY of time to check in and get your race bib, tshirt, and the phone case.  You will want to take things back to your car such as your cool Color Me Rad tshirt!

Yes, they have safety pins for your race bib!

 It is fun for everyone in the family, no matter the age!  There was a even a dog doing the course where we were (check your local event for rules on pets).

Consider dressing up and making it fun!  There were lots of groups there with matching shirts and colors.  Many of them even had tutus, including the males.

I recommend that you wear things that you do not mind getting color dye on them.  Most if it does come out, but some of ti will remain.  Take that into consideration when choosing what to wear.

It does come off easily in the shower.  I only had to take ONE shower, and it was all gone.  By the way, the powder is non toxic.

You don’t have to get the powder thrown at you.  You can wake around the color stations without a problem or fear of being doused announced.  If you do get color thrown on you, it is not chalky.  It is soft and actually has a scent to it.  For instance, the pink reminded me of bubble gum.

The course is 3.1 miles (that is a 5K).

There is a water station set up about half way to help you quench your thirst.

There are some “sliming” stations.

Yes, you can stop and take selfies along the course.  You are not attacked by hiding color spies.  You have plenty of time to put them up before being doused in color.

Generally speaking, it only gets on your clothes and skin.  Your face is left alone.  There are times though when you will be hit.  I recommend wearing sunglasses to help with color being thrown.

The roads are blocked off and the local police force in the area helps to maintain the safety and order.

There are runners and there are PLENTY of walkers.  Do not feel like you can;t do this because you only walk!  Go!  There were so many walkers taking part today that it was like you just had a large group that you just followed through the course.

The course is marked so you can’t get off course.

Once you get to the end, you get water and a granola bar.  They also allow you to choose a color packet to use for the post run fun!

The post run fun includes competitions and several color throwing events.

Overall, we LOVED this event and look forward to doing many more as a family in the future!


Our pre-race selfie!


Waiting in line for our start wave to begin!


The post race fun-a little egg throwing game.


Want to be slimed?  Check out this station.


These are my parents.  As you can see, this post was post race.  Neither of them had ANY color on them.  While my husband and I choose to go through the stations, they went around them.


One of many color throwing times during the post race party.


Color Me Rad is loosely based on the Hindu Festival of Colors, otherwise known as Holi. The festive colors used are a sign of winter’s end and spring’s new beginnings. Or in the case of RAD; the color represents the end of lame runs and the beginning of fun runs.

Start out as clean as a newborn babe, and throughout the run, our volunteers will coat you with liquids, powders, and gels of blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow until your face, shirt, and body come out silkscreened like a tie-dyed hippie on the other side. Each section of the run adds a new explosion of color to your clean, painter’s palate until you cross the finish line into a final blitzkrieg of color.

The Finish Line – This is the royal rumble of color. Every 15 – 20 minutes, participants grab their color powder and create a revival of the RAD sorts. There will be music, food, and more RAD runners than the 80s. Hugs are free and just like any good AA meeting, spectators are welcome.


My family and I hope to see you out running for a great cause in a city near you!  Create some great memories!

Happy Trails!

Disclaimer:  I did receive free race admission for this post.  The opinions presented are 100% mine and was not influenced by sponsors.

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  1. Ronnie says
    I was there and had a blast. Everyone should try it next year

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