Pay It Forward Kindness Challenge for 2017


I always look forward to my two weeks off of school during the December holidays.  Being able to sleep in and stay up late makes me quite content.

 This year our Christmas was a little different than usual.  Life with a 14 month old in the house changes EVERYTHING!  Everything becomes a toy.  Rather than put out our traditional tree and decorations, we had to go a little different route.  This year we bought a 4 foot tree and put it up on a ledge in our home.  It was decorated very nicely, but ti just seemed a little too far from our view.  It just did not feel like Christmas this year.  There is just something about all the decorations  that just puts you into the holiday spirit.  Plus, my heart breaks each year that I can;t see my sister.  She live sin Texas and it is difficult for us to get out there for a trip.

While I might be sad and frustrated over our dilemma, I could not help but realize just how blessed we really are.  After all the rest of my family was together this holiday season, and we were all in good health.

As I was reflecting on 2016 and deciding what resolutions I will have for 2017, I found myself thinking about how blessed I am. I realize that I need to be thankful for my life and experiences.  Like many I will have the usual “get fit” resolutions!  That seems to ALWAYS make it to the top of the list!  I start out strong but tend to fall short somewhere mid-February!  While this is still one of my top priority goals, I thought I would do something a little more meaningful this year.

My blog is a way for me to give back to others, and I take pride in being able to bring things to my readers.  This year I was looking at participating in one of the many 52 week challenges that are out there.  As I was researching and even creating my own version of a 52-week photo challenge, it dawned on me that I want to do something more meaningful than just a photo a week. I want to engage in something that has a real purpose.  I do not want to look back and think I failed in leaving a legacy because right now I feel I have missed the mark in regards to teaching my children what it means to give to others. I believe my family is a little too self-absorbed in this digital age and I if I want to raise givers then I must lead by example.  This is not for any credit or accolades, but for the impact that giving leaves on the giver. So this year we will focus on kindness!  We will look for ways that we can give back to others whether it be our neighbors or across the ocean.  Thankfully there are thousands of ways you can give back!

So here is my challenge to you this year, show kindness and pay it forward each week.  Engage in the 52 Week Kindness Challenge, my own little twist on the 52 week challenge.  Make time each week to find a way to pay it forward.

There are really all kinds of ways to show kindness to others, and I want to help give you some ideas.   Throughout the year I will blog about ways you can pay it forward.  In the meantime, check out my Pinterest board with ideas I have found that might interest you as well. I hope that you and your family will embark on the 52 Week Kindness Challenge!  In a world so full of chaos, destruction, hurt, etc…, we need a movement of kindness!

I am looking forward to sharing with you my Pay It Forward ideas throughout the year!

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.”

Princess Diana

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  1. Dana Matthews says
    I just saw on Facebook a couple of days ago an idea a mom and daughter shared. They went to the dollar store and picked up a few items, a pair of socks, toothpaste, toothbrush...I saw a $5 in the bag...anyway...they keep them in their car and if they run up on someone that can use it, they have a bag to share....I live in a small town and several times a year I'll see a person with a sign...I'm doing this and will be prepared the next time I see this...there are so many ways to pay it this day and age...a simple smile means so much.
    1. Leigh Anne says
      Great idea! That will be one I share in the future for sure! Such a great way to show kindness?
  2. melody hodge says
    I really like this challenge. I did one similar to this one a few years back. This year Im taking part in the 2016 Organization Challenge and cant wait to see how I do in it.
  3. Jeanine says
    This is an awesome idea- a way to put feet to our faith! I try to do RAK's whenever I can, but sometimes having a schedule can help remind me when I get too involved with my own issues.
  4. Ronnie says
    Kindness is contagious, if everyone just said good morning to at least 3 other people it would create a kindness kamakazi.
  5. Rosie says
    In the past I've been part of groups, organizations through the town and/or church. Right now I'm trying to help my relatives with different things, not as glamorous, but important to them.
  6. Katherine says
    I do currently Pay it forward whenever I can. I may pay for someones order in a drive thru or at the store if I am able. Looking forward to see your posts and if you have any ideas to pay it forward without money. There are times I want to pay it forward but do not have the finances. My budget is tight but I do what I can.
  7. Sandra Watts says
    What a great idea! Going to have to find a way to help.
  8. cylina1 says
    What a cool idea. I try to pay it forward and at least spread kindness!
  9. Augustin Arvizo says
    I think a great way to Pay It Forward is to pay for the person behind you in the drive through at Starbucks or Mcdonald's or whererever.
  10. Kiwi says
    I want to do better in paying it forward. Like pay for someone's Starbucks one day in the drive thru behind me!
  11. farmermomwife says
    Great challenge :) I had someone pay for me at the McDonald's drive thru once. It made my day :)
  12. Kristin Goodson says
    What a great idea! I think we could all use a little more kindness in our lives. I would love to get my son involved too so he can pay it forward as well.
  13. Betsy Barnes says
    Such a great idea! It is nice to pay it forward, you never whose day you may brighten with a simple act of kindness :)
  14. kimpcole says
    I've found myself thinking a lot about paying it forward lately. Perhaps it's the migrant crisis overseas, but I find myself giving thanks for all the little things in my life. With that said, I have begun to volunteer at a food pantry 2x/month as a small way to pay it forward...
  15. Natalie says
    This post inspires me to do more random acts of kindness and to give back to others!
  16. Tab says
    Very inspired..helps me teach my kids do unto others and to think about others which is a hard thing to learn!!
  17. Tara S. says
    Wonderful post! I tell ya, nothing will change your perspective on life like finding out your mother has cancer. It doesn't matter what kind of cancer at first. Just knowing there's "the big C word" in your mother's life makes you realize that all those other "big" problems were either "little" problems or not even problems at all. Once you realize the "C" word is a controllable type of cancer, then you feel like BLESSING THE ENTIRE WORLD. It's sad that something like that is sometimes what wakes us up and helps us realize we need to look at our lives, feel blessed, and pay it forward, but it does.
  18. ace1028 says
    I love this. I always try to. I talk my daughter through the pay it forward and using kindness mindset constantly. She's learned and continues learning. Thank you for sharing this. And the reminder of how much many of us do have.
  19. TaraL (@TaraL8503) says
    I always try and pay it forward here and there I think it's the best feeling in the world.
  20. Laura says
    I love this kindness challenge. It's such a great idea.One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to go out of my way to be kinder to others.
  21. Melissa C. says
    The golden rule still speaks true! Do unto others as you would have done unto you...don't expect anything in return and it will be a wonderful surprise!
  22. Jeanine says
    I love paying it forward. We got to pay it forward one time at a restaurant and it was an awesome feeling!
  23. natasha lamoreux says
    I love this idea! Im gonna start doing this and also spreading the word about it. I have recently started teaching my kids to pay it forward.
  24. Sandra Watts says
    Wonderful idea! This is something I do try to do. Never hurts to do more though.
  25. Taylor Closet says
    I really LOVE your blog. Reaching out and helping others is what LIFE is about. Each year I volunteer my time to help kids in our community, clothing, food and books. It's not much but it's a great feeling.
  26. Dara S. says
    Love this! I think it's important to remember acts of kindness don't have to be huge, but can just be small gestures.
  27. Nancy Burgess says
    Love this post.I try to pay it forward in little ways .
  28. Angela Saver says
    I love this idea & love that you will be blogging on it weekly! It's so important to teach our kids to give!
  29. Christy Maurer says
    Kindness is a forgotten virtue these days it seems! I always try to pay it forward however I can. Love this post.
  30. Terri Irvin says
    I think kindness actually needs to be taught in school these days because I don't think that some young kids are being taught kindness at home. I guess what I really am talking about is the bullying that I see my one grandson endure. It just kills me to see kids so mean to him. I love this idea!!!
  31. Diana Cote says
    I love donating money to my favorite dog shelters or helping out schools and good causes but I have not paid for anyone behind me yet. We don't really eat out but I could try next time we buy gas. ?
  32. Ronnie says
    Pay it forward people

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