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Pirates of Penzance sets sail with the Atlanta Opera




I did not grow up going to operas.  I knew a little about them, but what little I knew was just more or less my own perceptions.  When I think of an opera, I generally think of these things.    First, you need to get dressed up for the event.  Just the name opera gives me the feeling that I must have on some type of evening gown and guys should have a really nice suit or tux of some sort.  You should be prepared to sit and listen to people that can hit octaves I could only dream to hit.  Additionally, be prepared to sit and try to figure out what is going on because you may or may not get it from the singing.

Recently my husband and I had went out for our weekly date night to the Atlanta Opera to see The Pirates of Penzance.  Some of my perceptions were confirmed.  There will be octaves that you could only dream of hitting !   Moreover, you should dress nice for the opera; however, you don’t have to wear evening gowns or a tux.  What I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was soooooo wrong on was the idea that I would have to really try to figure out what was happening in the opera because I would not be able to get it from the singing.  Boy I was really off on that one.

First, I was happy to see that there was a screen above the stage that displayed the words of the songs being sung.  This made it so much easier to know what was being sung to help you better understand the context of the story.   The only catch is to not get caught up on looking at the screen.  You do not want to miss the fun on the stage.

Second, operas are pretty fun!  I had this misconception that we were going to be sitting for quite some time and my husband was going to check out on me.  I am happy to report that I was wrong.  The Pirates of Penzance is a fun opera that keeps you engaged from the very beginning.

The Pirates of Penzance is a rollicking show with serious operatic chops.  As Frederic enters the rank of full pirate at the end of his apprenticeship, he and his fellow pirates court the daughters of Major-General Stanley, which sets off a hilarious course of events that pit Frederic against his pirate clan.  We were really “reeled” into this plot and enjoyed learning the fate of the many fun characters.    Plus, when you have Bass Kevin Burdette, whom the New York Times hailed as the “Robin Williams of opera,” singing the role of the Pirate King in his Atlanta debut, you can;t help but fall in love!

The opera is actually a pretty cool date night idea!  Whether the story is upbeat or somewhat dark, seeing an opera performed is an experience that one should have including children.  This Saturday the Atlanta Opera is making available a children’;s version of this opera.

Go ahead…introduce your family to he love of theater and opera with The Pirate of Penzance!  .





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We hope you will decide to set sail mateys!


Disclaimer:  I did receive free tickets to the opera in exchange for this review.  The opinions presented are 100% mine and was not influenced by sponsors.

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  1. Ronnie says

    My first opera. Enjoyed it thouroughly

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