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Climb Aboard the Sea Blaster for a Sunset Cruise



There is something magical about being able to watch the sunset and it is even more amazing when you can enjoy that breathtaking scene from surrounded by water and dolphins!

The Sea Blaster is the perfect way to watch the sunset on the gorgeous sunset on the Choctawhatchee Bay.  We began our evening by taking a photo on board the ship which is available for purchase upon your return to land.  Once seated and prepped on the guidelines for the tour, we were off in search of dolphins.  First, drinks complimentary water, sodas, beer and wine (for adults) was served to guests.  Following that, kids and adults are taught how to feed the birds with crackers. Then we take off in search of dolphins.  We were able to see quite a few of them doing what they do best, swimming and jumping.  Sometimes you can even see them playing the waves that the boat created which we were lucky enough to watch.  Of course, the captain lets you experience what the Sea Blaster is known for–SPEED!  Although I do not know what speed we actually topped, I can tell you that it was fast and people had to hold on!  Even the kids (and bigger kids too) got to take hold of the wheel.

After all the singing and dancing and the sun begins its descent, the boat stops and allows guests to witness the beauty of the evening sky.  As you can see form my photo below, it is breathtaking.  Pictures truly do not do it justice!


They offer:

Snorkeling Trips

Dolphin Cruises

Snorkeling and Dolphin Combination Trips

Sunset Dolphin Cruise

Fireworks Cruise

About Sea Blaster

Destin’s Original Sea Blaster, located at the Emerald Grande’s Harborwalk Village next to Jackacuda’s Restaurant in Destin, Florida, just east of the Destin Bridge on the South side of Highway 98, offers a variety of family friendly tours.

It is not required to make reservation but it is strongly recommended.  Call them at 850-654-6888

Be sure to check out Groupon and other discount saving websites as you will find some deals from time to time.  Even if you do not get a discount, this TOUR is WELL WORTH the money.

 My family had a blast on their Sunset Cruise and we walked away thinking about our return visit!  It was absolutely breathtaking and something that I keep replaying in my head over and over.


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