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As a mother of boys that play sports and as a teacher, I know firsthand the impacts of concussions.  They happen on and off the field of play.  Charlie Felker and Don Carducci, two West Point graduates and combat veterans that conducted seven tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, are the creators of Remove From Play.  

Remove From Play, RFP, is leading a CHANGE in sports injury protocols across North America. “Nearly 4 million American athletes suffer sports-related concussions annually, and most go undetected. We owe our young athletes a better sideline treatment during their favorite games. RFP Testing provides a safer sporting environment for your team with quick and accurate concussion screening that determines whether to REMOVE FROM PLAY.”


How Does It Work

The King-Devick test is a timed, sideline concussion screening test that can be administered by parents and coaches in less than two minutes. The objective method uses rapid number naming to identify head trauma and determine whether an athlete should be removed from play. As a result, the King-Devick test can help prevent the serious effects of repetitive concussions caused by premature return to play after a head injury. The accurate and reliable test can be applied to: Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Hockey, Rugby, Basketball, Martial Arts, Military and all other contact and collision activities.

Remove From Play Team Mom/Dad Play Book

BSM Media founder and CEO, Maria Bailey is an award-winning author, radio talk show host, nationally known speaker and the foremost marketing authority on marketing to moms.  She has created a digital toolkit, The RFP Team Mom Playbook.  Please take some time to check her playbook.  This will equip moms and dads across the nation with the necessary tools to make sure our children are kept safe on and off the field.    You can also learn how to request this testing for your child’s sports organization.

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