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Showing my #DisneySide 2015!


What does Disney mean to you?  What’s your #DisneySide? When I think of Disney my mind is filled with wonder as I am whisked back to the sights and sounds of my childhood.  To a magical place where dreams come true!

This year I had the opportunity to participate in my first ever #DisneySide @Home Celebration party.  I was given the Multi Generational theme and a chance to plan a fun filled party.  It was a chance for me to connect with loved ones and share our love of Disney!

Considering I have never hosted an official #DisneySide party, I had no idea what to expect!  We waited patiently for our box to arrive and when it did…boy, oh boy, it did not disappoint!


Filled with goodies from many wonderful companies, I felt like a kid in a candy store!




Disney Parks Team, Disney Parks, Mom Select, Maria Bailey, Leanne Jakubowski, Jamie Langdon
Duff Goldman
Beyond Beef
Soy Vay
ABC Family
and more
I was fortunate enough this year to be able to host three separate parties showing off our #DisneySide.  First came the celebration of birthdays with loved ones dear to our hearts.  To get prepared I had to experiment with Duff’s Tye Dye cake mix.  I was certainly intimated by this as anyone that knows me…I do not cook or bake that often!  So to take this on was huge!  As I followed the directions carefully…I was pleasantly surprised at the end result.  They actually turned out like they were supposed to!
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Our #DisneySide @Home Celebration party consisting of ordering making teriyaki chicken using the Soy Vay sauce that came in our kit (photo taken from
It was absolutely delicious! We enjoyed watching Frozen together and celebrating what Disney means to each of us.
My second chance to host a #DisneySide party came at school.  I teach a wonderful group of students and I had the unique opportunity of throwing a party as a celebration of learning math. The kids had such a blast!  We played #DisneySide Bingo, completed Word Search races, and enjoyed some special treats!  I even went back out and purchased an additional box of Duff’s Tye Dye cake mix since I could now call myself an expert (haha).
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11053833_1037452052934989_4230636014968894043_n 19124_1037452246268303_7926013622952789554_n
Our third party is coming up!  We are going to use Memorial Day and our annual picnic to create our family trees courtesy of these beautiful trees of life from #Disney!
No matter how big or small, everyone can share their #DisneySide in a way that is meaningful to you. I am so thankful for the chance to share the love for Disney through #DisneySide @Home Celebration party.  I met so many wonderful bloggers through this experience that share their affection for the one and only Disney!
Are you wanting to get in on the magic?  You can always throw your own #DisneySide Celebration by going to for ideas and planning tools.  Follow along with Disney Parks to keep up to date with all the exciting things happening at Walt Disney World and subscribe to the Disney Parks You Tube channel.

Disclaimer:  I received free products from Disney Parks and Mom Select to host my #DisneySide @ Home Celebration . The opinions expressed here are my own.

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