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Help the Monarch Butterflies!


NWF Butterfly Heroes (logo)

From the National Wildlife Website:

“Did you know the monarch population has declined by more than 90 percent? Did you know that one-third of monarch summer breeding habitats have been destroyed due to agricultural and gardening practices in the United States?

As part of National Wildlife Federation’sΒ Garden for Wildlife program, Butterfly Heroes seeks to bring awareness to the declining population and connect gardeners and kids and families alike to help the monarchs and other pollinators. Your pledge will help to create new habitats for monarch butterflies by providing a place to rest their wings and lay their eggs from Butterfly Garden Starter Packets. Help us reach our goal of 10,000 pledges by becoming a Butterfly Hero!

Snap a picture of yourself making the American Sign Language sign for butterfly and complete a survey to receive a kit that will help the Monarch butterflies!

The kit will include:

-a seed packet with plants that Monarchs love
-a list of milkweed and nectar plants native to your region
-Ranger Rick nature notebook
-Butterfly Heroes stickers and poster

This deal is valid for a limited time (while supplies last).

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