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2015 Puppy Bowl


2015 Puppy Bowl

Puppy Bowl is an annual television event on Animal Planet where precocious puppies go head-to-head, or tail-to-tail in a model stadium — Animal Planet’s GEICO Stadium. The puppies featured in the Puppy Bowl are from shelters and viewers get information on how to adopt rescued puppies and help their local shelter. A “bowl cam” provides shots upwards through the transparent bottom of a special water bowl built into the stadium floor and there’s even an aerial show by hamsters. Plus with a special halftime show, Puppy Bowl continues to surprise and delight dog lovers of all ages.

My family was selected to be “tailgaters” for this year’s Puppy Bowl through House Party!  Look for pictures that we will be sharing on Twitter @laborders2000 and Instagram @laborders2000

Puppy Bowl Facebook Page

Puppy Bowl Twitter Page

Animal Planet Instagram Page

Puppy Bowl Website

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