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Elves in the Classroom 2014


This year our classroom welcomed two elves from the North Pole, Jingle and Tink!  We had a blast!  Here is a review in pictures!

Day 1 Jingle and Tink arrived!


Day 2 They found another spot in the classroom to observe the boys and girls!


Day 3 They found their way back to the classroom Christmas trees but decided to decorate them with Dum Dums from our treat jar!

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Day 4  They enjoyed a Christmas tea with a blue teddybear!

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Day 5  Jingle was trapped in the pop tab bucket while Tink was dangling from the stocking on the white board!

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Day 6  The elves used my phone to take selfies and posted them in the classroom!  They also came in with new clothes!

10408748_974185709261624_3988773424840946396_n 10635752_974185655928296_8277237765074741461_n

Day 7  The elves decided to set up a “drive in movie theater” using the Book Twas the Night Bfore Christmas in Georgia.  They must have found some sprinkles because they were scattered about the classroom.


Day 8  Marshmallow fun making snow angels and hanging with Minion Peeps!


Day 9  Hanging out fishing for Goldfish!


Day 10  Those sneaky elves decided to give the students a break from Spelling for the week!  Who knew they had so much power?  They seemed to have a little too much fun with the gifting wrapping paper.  Seems they trapped themselves the in the door too!


Day 11 Trench Warfare!  The students had learned about trench warfare in World War I and the elves decided to create their won reenactment!




Day 12  It appears the teacher’s have been placed on the NAUGHTY LIST!  What?  Those elves must not be telling Santa the truth!


Day 13  They had some fun with the teacher’s stash of M&M’s!

Day 14  Looks like the soldiers got revenge on the elves for putting the teachers on the NAUGHTY LIST!

Day 15  Finally, the elves had some fun building snowmen!

Are you a teacher?  Did an elf or elves visit your classroom this year?  I would love to hear about what they did!

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  1. Sandra Watts says

    I never knew this Elf on the shelf thing until seeing it on various blogs. Its something the kids would enjoy.

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