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My Top Ten List of Taking Care of You


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Taking time for yourself is important!  I have realized this more and more as my children have gotten older.  For years my focus was on raising them.  I have found though as the years pass by and they begin to move into their late teens and early twenties, that my time leading them is nearing to an end.  Well, not really.  As a mom of boys I do hope that they remain a “Momma’s Boy” forever.  Honestly, what I really mean is that I neglected to take care of me when they were younger because all of my time and energy was focused on my children.  Now that they are older and I actually have time for me, I have discovered some secrets that help me to stay young and vibrant!

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I leave you with my Top Ten List of Taking Care of YOU!

10. H2O! Drink plenty of water!  Try to drink at least half you body weight a day if possible.  I know that can be hard but drinking lots of water helps keep you looking younger.

9. Sleep! Get at least 8 hours of sleep nightly. A well rested body helps to keep you healthy.

8. Eat!  Eat fruits and vegetables daily.  It is important to provide your body with a nutrients it needs.

7. Exercise!  Kind of funny I would write that because it is not my favorite thing to do; however, the benefits of it far outweigh my hatred! Find something or someone to motivate you to exercise.

6. Engage!  It is important that you keep your mind engaged and learn new things despite your age.  Reading and/or playing games can contribute to keeping your mind sharp!

5. Laugh! Seek out humor in your life.  Laughing is great medicine.

4. Give!  There is nothing more rewarding than giving back to your family, friends, and even strangers.

3. Live!  Live your life.  As in the expression YOLO, you only live once.  Make time to go to the theater, sporting events, movies, etc..  Do not look back and say I wish I had….

2. Legacy!  Be who you are and leave your mark on this world!

1. Love!  Love others and yourself like it was your last day.

Disclosure:  My post was sponsored by Global Influence and per FTC Regulations, the opinions presented here are my own.

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