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Back to School Lunch Ideas



It is almost time to get ready for back to school!  For many of us packing lunches is part of our regular routine.  The hardest part of packing a lunch is trying to stay creative in what we pack.  Having the same thing day after day can become boring!  Thanks to Pinterest, there is a multitude of menus for nearly every diet and picky eater out there!  Check out my Pinterest board to sample some of these menus.

While we are on the topic of school lunches, I thought this might be a good time to explore the new federal school nutrition standards that became effective as of July 1, 2014.  These new standards impact what foods are SOLD to students from the start of school until 30 minutes after dismissal. Parents can still offer their child and/or class anything they desire so long as it was not sold to a student/class.   One of my friends, Jody Leonard, conducted an interview this summer to find out the scoop.

Please see Coweta Fayette Families blog to read more.


In the meantime, want some new lunch ideas?  Check out my Pinterest page here.


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  1. cgmjemus says

    School lunches, now that is a subject that is, I feel full is of misconceptions. By that I mean our school system is a very good one. It does a good job, at least I feel they do at feeding our school children. I am blessed to live in an affluent county and the quality of the lunches is good, Michelle Obama not withstanding. But really I feel that the price of the lunches has really gotten out of control. With that being the case even though very few go without in most of the schools here some do. That is why I am grateful that you have put together this blog giving great ideas on lunches brought from home and how we as parents and grandparents can help.

  2. cgmjemus says

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