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Back to College with Gillette Razor Subscription Service!


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Summer is fast approaching it’s end and that means college boys and girls will be off to their new homes soon!  If you have boys then you know there are a few staples they must have when heading back to the dorm.  One of those important must haves are razors.  Thanks to Gillette, your son will not miss out on staying clean shaven even when they run out of their spending money!  How you ask?  Gillette offers a blade refill subscription service!   That’s right!  A subscription service that is practical and delivers Gillette’s blades directly to your son’s dorm. For about $1 a week, your son will have a needed staple–blades for his Gillette razor.  I do not know about you but I would not mind investing in this service.   I want to know that my son has what he needs to be successful!  Being clean shaven and feeling good about oneself is important.


The Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology razor is fabulous!  My son enjoyed trying this razor out and was really appreciative that it adjusts and pivots to respond to the contours his face  which meant fewer missed hairs.   No longer did he have to keep going over an area on his face!  This razor allowed him to get a clean shave in less time.  Find out more here about this amazing razor!

College is expensive and there are ways that you can save.  As a mom of a college aged boy, I know how expensive it can be.  The last thing I want is for my son to come home looking like a wolf!  Having been down this road for a few years, I know that money is tight for most college aged students and parents for that matter.  Worrying about getting needed staples like razors are not high on the priority list for a college boy!  What is high on that list is energy drinks and pizza delivery for those late night study sessions!  I would much rather invest in a subscription service to help my son be in a situation where he does not need to worry about such staples as razor blades than to worry about picking these times up at the store and waiting to give them to him when he comes home or sending it in a care package.  Thanks to Gillette, college boys and moms do not have to worry about buying blades anymore!

What is even better about this is that it is not just for college aged boys either!  Sign up for a subscription service for your husband or that special man in your life!

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