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Red Band Society



What if a hospital was your high school, boarding school and summer camp rolled into one? What if it was the place where you fell in love for the first time and made friendships that lasted a lifetime? And what if it was all weirdly hilarious and the most fun you ever had in your entire life? This is the world of RED BAND SOCIETY

From Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television and starring Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer (“The Help,” “Fruitvale Station”), Dave Annable (“Brothers & Sisters,” “666 Park Avenue”) and a charismatic cast of fresh faces, RED BAND SOCIETY is a provocative, unconventional and unique coming-of-age drama about a group of unlikely and rule-bending friends and the adults who mentor them through the ups and downs of adolescence in Los Angeles’ Ocean Park Hospital.



Tonight I had the privilege of attending a pre-screening of the pilot episode.  I was hooked at the previews I saw on the website and could not wait to see how it all unfolded.  I was not disappointed.  This is a unique series that basically journals the lives of adolescents with medical conditions living in a children’s hospital.  What I found to be interesting was that my idea of a hospital is not what this film is about.  It shows hospitals in a more positive light than what most of us consider a depressing place.  It spotlights it as a “home.”

After watching the pilot it made me reflect on what I know of our own local Children’s Hospital.  I have had to take my own child there once and recently a close friend of mine’s child was there.  I have never really given much thought to the kids that are there.  Do not get me wrong.  They are in my thoughts and prayers but I never really stopped to consider what it must be like for them actually living in the hospital.  For some, even growing up in a hospital.  Having to attend school in a hospital.  There was so much that I was totally out of touch with until this pilot show.

Sometimes we forget what others in this life are experiencing.  We get so wrapped up in our own lives and worry over the smallest of things, when kids like the ones in this pilot show are facing the unknown daily.  Some waiting for hearts, lungs, livers, etc.. Some facing cancer, sleeping in comas, etc… This show really helped me to think a little more about these kids and their families and truly makes me want to do more for them.  For at any given moment I could find myself in similar situations.

Another wonderful plus to this pre-screening was that we got to meet the nearly the entire cast.  One one character, Reuben, was not there this evening.

Octavia Spencer (“Nurse Jackson”) Academy Award Winner from The Help, Fruitvale Station

Dave Annable (“Dr. William McAndrew”)  Brothers & Sisters, 666 Park Avenue

Astro (“Dash”) Earth to Echo, The X Factor

Ciara Bravo (“Emma”) Big Time Rush

Griffin Gluck (“Charlie”) Back in the Game, Private Practice

Zoe Levin (“Kara Souders”) Arrested Development, The Way Way Back

Rebecca Rittenhouse (“Nurse Brittany Dobler”) newcomer

Charlie Rowe (“Leo Roth”) Neverland, Pirate Radio

Nolan Sotillo (“Jordi Palazios”) Prom



One last great thing about this new series that will premiere on Fox September 17, is that it is filmed in Georgia!  Within the first five minutes of the show, I knew exactly where they were,  my beloved High Museum of Art in downtown Atlanta.  I just can’t quite express how it feels to know you live in a beautiful city where movies and shows are being filmed.  To know that you once stood where your favorite actors and actresses stand.  To know that walked the same corridor.  It is an indescribable feeling of awe!  That is one of the many perks of living in Georgia; having excellent movies and shows such as The Walking Dead, Blended, Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay, Drop Dead Diva, and so many more filmed at your favorite spots. Places you recognize on the big screen and ones you visit just because!

I hope that you will make time this Fall to check out this new show.  In the meantime, check out the previews and get more information on these social media outlets.

Red Band Society website

Red Band Society Facebook page

Red Band Society Twitter page


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