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Educents Summer Exploring Guide



Have you ever heard of Educents?  Educents is a daily deals website that features educational products at  DEEP discounts, sometimes even FREE!!  The great thing about Educents is that it is not just for teachers and homeschoolers; it is a great place for parents to find engaging and enriching activities to supplement your child’s learning.


Educents recently launched the release of their Educents Explorer’s Guide that features many 50 of our favorite boredom busters, including recipes, arts & crafts projects, books, educational materials, science experiments, and MORE! The great news is this publication is ABSOLUTELY FREE right now!!!  With a several weeks left of summer, this is a great guide to helping your child stay engaged.  Download the Summer Activities Checklist & Educents Explorers Guide for FREE, follow the steps, and help your little one become a certified Explorers Club Member! 

I have purchased many things from Educents.  One thing I really like about them is that they provide games that use famous characters and games.  Keeping your child engaged in the summer with boring worksheets is no fun for anyone.  Thansk to Educents, my kids and tutors have actually loved working.  Uno, Minecraft, Despicable Me are just a few that make my kids feel like they are playing even though they are learning!

Check out Educents!  They offer a wide variety of educational items at GREAT prices!  I have personally downloaded many of the free items and have not been disappointed.

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