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T.L.C. VoxBox Influenster Review



In honor of Mother’s Day, Influenster selected recipients to receive a specifically created Mom TLC VoxBox.  All the contents of this sweet purple box were products that appeal to mothers.

I was THRILLED to be selected to receive a T.L.C. VoxBox from Influenster. Getting one of these boxes in the mail is a pleasure!  Here is what this one contained:


Breyers Gelato Indulgences

I received a coupon to pick up any flavor Breyer’s Gelato variety for free.  I had never had gelato before so I had no idea what to expect.  I even looked up what the word gelato meant.  I found out that this was basically the Italian version of ice cream.  I knew gelato was Italian but really had no idea what made it different from ice cream and now I know. Gelato has less butterfat than American ice cream.  It is churned much slower which makes it less dense and it generally contains more sugar.  More sugar or not, I was determined to try this product out since the time I got the TLC VoxBox and I can honestly tell you I have already been back to the store and purchased a second container!  The Breyer’s Vanilla Caramel Gelato is LOADED with caramel!  It even had curly bits of caramel on the top.  The vanilla gelato was creamy and tasty!  I honestly enjoyed every last bite of this sweet treat!

Neosporine Neo to Go 

Neosporine is the only product we use in our household.  As a mother of boys, I know far too well about cuts and scraps.  This has been the only product we use to treat those minor emergencies.  Although I have not had to use it since the time I got the TLC VoxBox, I know this product will come in handy.  The great thing about this particular item is that it can be easily stored in your purse.  I love this!  There are so many times that my kids get cuts and scraps while we are out that it is great to have this convenient product with me at all times.

Bar of Ivory soap

Loved that this bar of soap came in a vintage wrapper.  Ivory is a great product and one that we use in our household.

Avon Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother

The funny thing about getting this product is that I have been in the market for something that will help me with the wrinkles that are SLOWLY beginning to appear on my face.  I am looking forward to using this product and will post my thoughts after doing so for awhile. So far, I like what I see!  It is temporary but the time it is on, I feel great!

Puffs with Lotion single pack

You can never have too many boxes of Puffs!  We have them all over our home and in our car.  Such a great product and as seasonal allergy sufferers in my household, this package will be used in no time.  There is nothing better than a lotion filled tissue to use!

Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card

The Fuel Rewards Network™ program is a free loyalty program that helps you save money on fuel. You’ll earn Fuel Rewards® savings for doing things you already do every day, and you can redeem your rewards at the pump to watch your price drop.  I received a Fuel Reward card in my TLC VoxBox that I plan to use when I go to a Shell gas station.  As this card is used, I will update with my thoughts.  The trick is using it.  As much as I would like to give it a try, there are not many Shell gas stations in my everyday path. If you want to get more information or want to receive your own Shell Reward card, go to Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card.
TLCVoxBox was a great mommy gift!  I love Influenster and look forward to getting more voxboxes in the future!


Disclaimer – I received each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions and were not influenced by Influenster or the companies represented in this voxbox. 

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